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Every time the “Heart Homoro” -Cathle Geonaute 310 neutral running equipment, a simple but not simple chest strap heart rate sports watch.

An outdoor sports heart rate watch from Decathlon Decathlon, which is made of PMMA on the surface, so that the watch is durable. It is equipped with a heart rate band, which is more accurate compared to the light measuring, and the error is smaller. In addition to inheriting the traditional electronic meter mode and waterproof, it can meet the needs of your various sports data monitoring. At the same time, the heart rate gauge will automatically record the last exercise data to store the performance of your motion and allow you to record every progress.

Geonaute 310 consists of a heart rate watch and heart rate belt. The overall yellow is matched with blue buttons. Although the appearance looks unrestrained, it already has a function of a sports watch to record the heartbeat of the runner every time during exercise.

ABS material case and PMMA material cover make the watch more durable. The strap adopts the European standard resin, soft and skin -friendly. Full open -hole design, breathable and sweat. The screen is displayed in dual -line display, making runners more convenient to check in the state of exercise. The watch has a built -in functional mode to meet the needs of the runner’s various sports data monitoring. At the same time, the heart rate watch will automatically record the last sports data. In addition, watches and heart rate bands have a waterproofness of 50 meters and 10 meters, respectively, which can meet daily running and swimming training.

The traditional heart rate belt measurement, compared with the amount of light, is more accurate and more accurate, and the error is smaller. The comfortable and skin -friendly chest strap can hardly feel its existence in the wearer. Independent encryption signals to prevent serial numbers with others. The heart rate belt is simple, the soft band can adjust the length, and it will not have a sense of restraint with different busts.

Decathlon Geonaute 310 heart rate watch, watch and heart rate perfectly combined, are indispensable. The official price is 199 yuan. As a Decathlon sports watch, the price is quite close to the people. Both men and women can be worn and worth starting.

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