Givenchy has become younger, Paris Fashion Week is thoroughly tide, and the daughter of Paul Walker debuted in stunning


Givenchy (Givenchy) 2021 autumn and winter fashion show opened in Paris on Sunday.

Givenchy has ushered in a trendy brand 1017 ALYX 9SM in the end of 2020, Matthew M. Williams (MMW) has ushered in a lot of changes after taking the post of creative director, which is no longer the Meghan era.

In the 2021 autumn and winter men’s and women’s films published in the form of online fashion shows a few days ago, creative director Matthew chose the original work of the minimalist e -music master Robert Hood throughout the audience, laying a series of impactful avant -garde atmosphere.

A woman with asymmetric Bob head on the catwalk came, wearing a large large somber black suit wearing a minimalist season, black transparent gauze skirt, and rough black boots, full of rebellious alternative sense, the coming. The identity has a background. It is actually the 22 -year -old daughter of the late movie star Paul Walker. In the future dress, Me Duo Walker made the first catwalk in her life.

Mei Duo cut the asymmetrical Bob head, and the end of her hair was gray -white, compared with her eye -catching cat’s eye eyeliners. The white eyeliner was insightful, and the silver earrings with a lock feeling made her look full of cool flavor.

I couldn’t recognize that this was a sweet girl holding the palm of the palm of Walker.

Mei Duo is the daughter of Paul Walker, the protagonist of “Speed ​​and Passion”. Paul Walker died in a car accident on November 30, 2013. At the age of 40, it attracted countless “speed powder” mourning. After completing the unades, “Speed ​​and Passion 8”, the film and television company even let his brothers appear, and repeat the appearance of Paul Walker through electronic technology to complete the entire episode and sorrow with the show.

Mei Duo is his pro -daughter. The only label of this new society is the daughter of Walker. She began to become a model in 2017, and regularly shared amazing photos and selfies in Instagram to show her slim figure.

In November, Meido paid tribute to Paul. This is the seventh year of Paul’s death this year. She put a photo, and she was sitting on a snapshot of sleeping on her father’s thigh. If Paul is still there, he will be 47 years old. Seeing his daughter walking in the Tstalous Week Bridge, he will be comfortable.

Due to the restrictions of COVID-19, there was no audience in this show, and Mei Duo acknowledged that this made her fear.

Givenchy has invited many famous models in the industry, including Bella Hadid and Jourdan Dunn. Matthew said that this series is about the continuous tension between the two worlds. It is about seeking self -definition in the predicament. Since taking Givenchy in June 2020, Givenchy’s luxury nature has gradually changed to the functional lines of the street, and finally came out of the tide flavor from high -end custom houses. Model Bira Hedid sexy interpretation givenchy 2021 autumn and winter women’s clothing.

In the environment covered by isolation and closure, Matthew’s new design is full of future sense, the sleeves and shoulder lines with architectural sense are the sources of structural power this season. kind. The wide -out -shaped down jacket, artificial fur coat, and the deliberately grabbed knitted skirts and sequins are created to create a subtle pull between practical and luxurious. Bandana Crown Hat and a hood with a bat ear, all of which have become a must -have for guardians like armor.

The sleeves and shoulder lines of the rich architecture are still the power of power that gives the clothing structure this season.

The functional wide jacket brings out the mood of the outdoor in the dilemma of the epidemic.

From the backpacks inspired by firefighters, you can load all kinds of objects such as blankets and kettles at will.

There are deformation shoes with marshmallow -like soles, which look like shoes that Lady Gaga will like. It is a key accessory for men and women this season. Oh, Matthew was originally a ex -boyfriend and former stylist of Lady Gaga.

The iconic 4G LOGO exists not only in the clothing, but also extends to the exaggerated Cuba chain and handbag chain. As if a hood with a bat ear and a boxer -like glove, if the armor that protects the flesh, it is no wonder that it is a work designed by the goddess Lady Gaga. “formula.

Matthew was cultivated in one hand and introduced it to Givenchy. He knew the grace of Kan Ye, so at the beginning, Matthew and the Kardashian family were repaired. The Kardashian family did not give up, and this time it also attracted the postponing of Kardashian’s sisters.

Matthew did not change its online celebrity route, and the footsteps in Asia have not stopped. Recently, it was announced that the brand ambassadors of Ouyang Nana and Fan Ye as the brand Greater China were announced. Ouyang Nana was active in many variety shows. The symbol of generations, and Fan Ye is the younger brother of Fan Bingbing, a well -known actress, and has accumulated hot popularity by debuting by the draft show. Recently, he has also been the advocate of the UN Population Foundation Youth Leadership Program. The image is quite positive.

In February, Givenchy also announced that the Korean women’s group AESPA and the Japanese male star film were served as the brand ambassador of Japan and South Korea. “Potential stocks” type. Compared with the strong choice of Japanese and Korean ambassadors, “Bao Bao”, the representatives of Ouyang Nana and Fan Ye, who were born in Greater China, who were born in 2000, in addition to having stable popularity and popularity, they have also been rated as the “star consumption influence influence of star consumption influences in the same generation of” star consumption influence influence “The first place and sixth place in the ranking are obviously the” capacity of cargo “of the two, hoping to lift the brand’s momentum and sales.

Givenchy is finally far from Meghan’s era, and under the leadership of Matthew, can he win the heart of the Z generation.

Will the Langs accept this youthful brand that is set for them?