Do I have to wear a ring at the wedding? Wedding ring is renting or buying? Is there any difference?


Do I have to wear a ring at the wedding? Wedding ring is renting or buying? Is there any difference?

The wedding ceremony is the most grand ceremony in the lifetime of most people. After all, the wedding is not only a pure love between the newcomers, but also the blessings from relatives and friends. Therefore, most newcomers hope to be perfect for every detail at the wedding. However, holding a wedding is indeed a matter of money. So, do you have to wear a diamond ring at the wedding? Wedding rings are renting or buying?

Wedding wear rings are a kind of ritual.

There is a specific link wearing a ring at the wedding. This is a conventional etiquette. The purpose is to let a pair of newcomers send a belief of love under the verification of relatives and friends. However, it is not to say that the wedding must be worn at the wedding, and some newcomers who have not purchased a wedding ring will choose to cancel the switching ring at the wedding.

Most of the wedding diamond rings are purchased by yourself.

Therefore, theoretically, the wedding ring used on the wedding day can not be bought or rented, but the price of the diamond ring is high. Generally, there are very few people renting it. In fact, choosing a wedding diamond ring can be adjusted according to your own financial ability. For example, the price of a 30 -point wedding diamond ring is only 7,000 yuan and 10,000 yuan. Undertled.

A good wedding naturally needs to match a beautiful diamond ring.

Wedding is a good life once. If we don’t want to leave our wedding for regret, then we can choose a wedding ring that is affordable but imply a beautiful wedding ring. The meaning of the meaning is the wedding ring that is worthy of our serious treasure.

One trip to the world is really romantic with the beauty of you. In fact, no matter the wedding or the wedding ring, it is not the core of love. Only the unchanged sincerity is the meaning of we deserves to be enthusiastic.

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