The champion of the Olympic Olympic and her leader: The traction rope is perceled as soon as it is pulled. It is the most difficult to build trust.


The champion of the Olympic Olympic and her leader: The traction rope is perceled as soon as it is pulled. It is the most difficult to build trust.


At the Tokyo Paralympic Games just past, Chinese player Liu Cuiqing and her leader Xu Donglin with a partner Xu Donglin achieved two gold and one silver, and broke the 400 -meter T11 record of the Paralympic Games with a score of 56 seconds 25.

In the hierarchy of the Paralympic Athletes, T11 refers to the most disabled blind athletes participating in the race and jumping projects. They need to wear eye masks during the competition, accompanied by the leader to enter the field, each occupying a runway. At the end of the end, the leader wanted to slow down, and the athletes first passed by.

They maintained a consistent rhythm and direction, and the 10 -centimeter of rubber traction ropes were tightly connected to the wrists of the two people. Xu Donglin called it “eyes, trust, soldiers’ guns”. If you want to reach the highest level of running, you must have a high degree of trust and tacit understanding. This was once the biggest problem faced by Xu Donglin and Liu Cuiqing.

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56 seconds 25, gold medal, breaking record, unexpected. Xu Donglin even felt that he did not have this strength at that time. In the 400 -meter training in the past year, they have never been so fast.

But if the timeline is stretched, they have reached this speed before the two people are injured. “Records are broken casually, it must be more than that.” Xu Donglin was in a complicated mood.

He took a wheelchair to Tokyo. The coach pushed him all the way. After entering the Olympic Village, he went to the restaurant to eat and go to the venue to avoid walking. In August 2020, because the knee was torn half -moon plate, Xu Donglin entered the operating room. The effect of the postoperative operation was not good. There was always effusion at the knee. The more movement, the faster the effusion increased. Unless it is not trained at all, inflammation will slowly retreat.

The effusion stacked in the knee, Xu Donglin was going to take out the medical treatment, each time he was 400 milliliters, and then a closure of the needle was closed to control the inflammation. At first a closed needle could take effect for more than ten days, and then became 7 days and 5 days. Until the doctor prohibited him from playing again, the cartilage would soften. Nevertheless, after arriving in Tokyo, Xu Donglin went twice.

From the end of the operation to March of this year, for more than half a year, Xu Donglin could only do some strength exercises to prevent muscle atrophy. Another teammate was trained with Liu Cuiqing. The tacit understanding and trust of the two have accumulated for 8 years. Suddenly they changed the leader. The running movements and techniques were not the same. Although they would not fall, the small injuries slowly accumulated inadvertently.

Everyone was anxious in their hearts, fearing to put pressure on Xu Donglin. When he returned and took Liu Cuiqing to start a high -intensity training sprint, Liu Cuiqing’s previous injuries were completely induced. The sciatic nodule drama was unbearable, and he couldn’t stand training at all.

There are still a few months before the game, but Liu Cuiqing can’t run. Xu Donglin thought a lot of ways, and finally changed to training in the water. After doing physical fitness on the swimming pool and bicycle, Liu Cuiqing finally recovered after more than a month.

Half a month later, her old injuries recurred, but the expedition was about to be adjusted again. If a closed needle is hit, they will go to Tokyo.

Five years ago, Liu Cuiqing accompanied Xu Donglin to Rio and participated in the Paralympic Games for the first time. It was their best time. Neither of them were injured. They were full of energy, holding a vow to seize the gold medal, and finally won the results of two gold, one silver and one copper.

When I came to the field again, I couldn’t talk about it, but I didn’t have much confidence. It is irreversible, and young athletes with better physical strength will always appear again, which is the cruelty of the constant on the sports field.

Liu Cuiqing and Xu Donglin played in the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games Women’s 200m T11 semi -finals. Tuyuan Oriental IC

No one asked them to win the championship. Liu Cuiqing was more concerned about Xu Donglin’s legs, fearing that forcibly playing will cause irreversible damage. But if you give up, Xu Donglin can’t even pass his own level. He said, “It’s okay, I will grasp the rhythm.”

Both of them were running in pain, and Xu Donglin, who had done surgery, was even more serious. Before that the knee pads were not enough, they could not support each time when they landed. There would be a moment of pause and the rhythm was disrupted. Before the 400 -meter final, Xu Donglin found a team doctor, hit a tight bandage, and finally dared to run harder.

The 200 -meter final on September 4 was the last of the 11 games of this schedule. The day before, they went out at 6 am, and did not complete the third game of the day until 7 pm. The physical strength has been consumed in the long process, the injury is worse, and the pressure of physical and psychological reaching the peak. No one knows the second. What is the heavens.

Standing on the final field, the two seemed no different from the past. Xu Donglin shouted, “Come on, Cui Qing!” Then he fought with each other. He walked behind him, set up the starter for Liu Cuiqing, patted his shoulders, and motioned for her to start. The sound of the gun sounded, they quickly played, the speed and rhythm were perfectly fit, and the ten -centimeter traction rope connected the two together.

Without a word communication, the information is passed by the rope. On the curve, Xu Donglin tilted his arms towards Liu Cuiqing. There were two meters left to the end, Xu Donglin slowed down, and pulled the traction rope backwards. Liu Cuiqing immediately crushed forward and crossed the end point alone. The next moment, Xu Donglin rushed up, and the two of them cheered together.

After winning the championship, Liu Cuiqing and Xu Donglin embraced each other. Tuyuan Oriental IC

The weak advantage of 0.004 seconds, they won the championship. Liu Cuiqing was wearing the national flag, and Xu Donglin raised her hard. This was only when Xu Donglin only did the performance beyond ability. The next day, the Paralympic Games closed.

After winning the championship, Xu Donglin raised Liu Cuiqing over the top of his head. Tuyuan Oriental IC


In December 2013, Liu Cuiqing and Xu Donglin met for the first time in the training venue of Dongguan. Xu Donglin felt that the girl in front of him was very boring, sitting silently, and said ten words to her, and at most, he changed back: “Hmm”. The coach arranged for their partners, but Liu Cuiqing did not trust the strange Xu Donglin.

Xu Donglin felt. Liu Cuiqing never took the initiative to communicate and asked her not to eat, “casually”. During the training, do you understand whether the action is understood and did not respond. Learning new actions, Liu Cuiqing always shrinks his hands and dare not do it.

She is not so autistic. In 1991, Liu Cuiqing was born in rural areas in Nanning, Guangxi. He was still a grandfather and uncle who lived together at the time. Liu Cuiqing likes to dance and perform. His talents were displayed at that time. When playing, she did run faster than her peers.

At the age of 10, Liu Cuiqing suffered from eye illness. His eyes were always uncomfortable, itchy and painful. The family thought it would be good to go to the pharmacy to buy some potions. More than a week later, she was still uncomfortable and was taken to a large hospital in Nanning by her mother, but the doctor said that the best treatment time has passed.

No cure, it is useless to go elsewhere, doctors add. For the villagers, even if the big hospital in Nanning, the best conditions in the family are not good. They have never thought of going to the province to try it.

The world in the eyes of Liu Cuiqing became more and more blurred, until it became completely dark. She no longer has a sense of security, she is always silent, and she doesn’t want to say in a word. She was sent to the blind school and gradually accepted such a fate. She planned to take the most common path. In the future, she opened a blind massage shop to share her mother’s hard work.

One day in 2010, Liu Cuiqing was sitting in the classroom. The physical education teacher suddenly pushed the door and shouted to everyone, “Guangxi Disabled Persons to choose athletes, all girls go down!” Students lined up in the playground to stand up, and the coach asked everyone to fight. The goal ball, standing jump.

Liu Cuiqing obeyed the instructions, waving, squatting down, jumping, and soon she was selected. The coach feels that Liu Cuiqing is suitable for height, muscles are powerful, suitable for track and field. It ’s all because of talent. After all, she has n’t exposed to these for a long time. The sports that girls can do on weekdays are jumping ropes, and there are very few running.

Liu Cuiqing did not hesitate, and asked her to go to her, and did not understand what the track and field meant to herself. Staying in a closed school all year round, she can’t go out. The outside world is “curious, longing, and fun.” These hides the trace of uneasiness.

Liu Cuiqing in the contest. Tuyuan Oriental IC

At that time, there were almost no blind athletes in the Guangxi Provincial Team, and the experience was not enough. When Liu Cuiqing just went, he did not even have a runner. He found a young girl from the sports school to take her from a few weeks later.

Body touch and language description, she can only imagine action through these. In a dark, others said that there were no obstacles in front of him. Liu Cuqing couldn’t be at ease. He ran crookedly, leaned back, and kept defense at any time. But she was hard enough, broke down, got up and continued, and the task arranged by the coach would eventually be completed.

Soon, Liu Cuiqing entered the national disabled track and field team. She obeyed the command and worked hard every day. Her results were good, but it was difficult to break through the world -class level. In more than 3 years after contacting the track and field, she changed the runner 4 times. Each was temporarily found for a certain sports meeting. After a few months, the competition was over. Essence

Later, Xu Donglin became the fifth leader of Liu Cuiqing. Perhaps it was a few months or a year. No one said how long they would be fixed and how long they had to cooperate, but they were working together to this day.


Xu Donglin has also done “temporary” leaders. At the age of 16, he began to practice track and field. He was a athlete of the Jiangxi Provincial Team. Like all teammates, he dreamed that he could become a national champion and compete for the Olympic Games. In 2010, he was injured unexpectedly, and no matter how difficult his results were. Regrettable, but eventually retired in the second year and prepared to be a coach in the local area.

Just one month after leaving, the coach of the Disabled Persons called Xu Donglin, trying to let him go back to bring a visually impaired athlete. At that time, the leader was particularly difficult to recruit. Few people were willing to come and did not know what it was doing. Xu Donglin was hesitating. The other party said that it would only take four or five months, and the end of the game was over. He agreed.

Back to the compound of the provincial team again, the teammates were surprised and asked him, “Why don’t you come back and don’t return to the team, take a little girl every day?” When he was at the age of 20, it was when Xu Donglin felt awkward. Extremely. During training, holding hands and holding hands, these limb movements also embarrassed him.

But since she promised, Xu Donglin still took the female athlete to practice hard every day. The other party is not all blind, and has some light. During the training, Xu Donglin did not have to spend too much to communicate with him. She could see a little bit. She has also changed several leaders. In those two cooperations, Xu Donglin, a novice, is more often a directed role.

A few months later, they won three gold medals. Xu Donglin thought that his task was over, but soon, he received a call from the girl again: We were selected as the London Paralympic Games, can we take me for a few months?

This time, Xu Donglin walked into the national disabled track and field team and became a leader. He has also felt the value of this profession. Before they couldn’t win the championship, but with himself, it was okay.

It was also after the 2012 London Paralympic Games, and the International Paralympic Committee made new rules. It has determined that the leader can take the stage with the athletes to receive the prize. Watching the national flag rising together in the event. Xu Donglin felt that he had caught up with the best time.

But partnering with Liu Cuiqing is another new challenge. Her eyes are completely dark, and her heart is very closed. Xu Donglin once put on a eye mask and tried to know the world where Liu Cuiqing was in. He stayed alone in the room, and asked his roommate to go out when he was eating.

Liu Cuiqing and Xu Donglin on the field. Tuyuan Oriental IC

Xu Donglin originally planned to wear it for a day, but after only one morning, he couldn’t hold it. Everything becomes very difficult, and there is no way to drink water and go to the toilet independently. In a dark situation, he didn’t know where he was, and could not help but think about a lot of things, and the fear was magnified.

At that time, he realized that for Liu Cuiqing, he really needed a very trusted person to be around, “she would run forward boldly.”

In addition to the training, he spent time as much as possible to stay with Liu Cuiqing, eating, walking, and listening to songs. He began to pay attention to every detail in life. Liu Cuiqing is a tight shoelaces, he squatted down and helped her; when he handed the water, he couldn’t just stretch it. He had to touch her hand and catch it again; Report all the names of the dish to her, so that she can do it in her heart.

Liu Cuiqing quickly felt that the new leader was different from the previous. Others took her to the seat and told her not to move, but Xu Donglin would describe the environment with her, what is behind, what is the left side; someone who knows in front, Xu Donglin will tell her who it is, and you may say hello. Let her have a psychological preparation.

The teammates are also fun, wow, your leader also helps you with laces. Liu Cuiqing sometimes smiled, thinking that this leader is really a lot. But when Xu Donglin was there, she always felt that she really had more eyes and was at ease. She is introverted and not much, and she is often ignored by many people, but Xu Donglin always makes her feel respected.

“Eyes, trust, soldiers’ guns”

When she was going to learn new movements, Liu Cuiqing couldn’t imitate it. Xu Donglin split the movements carefully and used language and limbs to construct a picture for her.

He let Liu Cuiqing touch his legs, how high it was, how to fold, and when she had a little concept in her mind, he grabbed Liu Cuqing’s legs and told her what she should be and helped her put on the right posture. Liu Cuiqing did a little bit of decomposition, combined, hundreds of thousands of times a day until it formed muscle memory.

Liu Cuiqing was used to her previous movements. Xu Donglin taught her. She felt awkward, and sometimes even felt that her movement became slower. But Liu Cuiqing did not refuse. He wanted to believe him and try to see if it was effective. Xu Donglin’s running speed was faster. He cooperated with Liu Cuqing. Once she changed her movement or she wanted to fall, Xu Donglin slowed down and pulled her up with the power of the rope.

A few months later, in a national competition, Liu Cuiqing won the first place. She never thought she could run so fast. Both people think that it is a sign of trust and gratitude, and everything must be proved by grades in the end.

The traction rope tightly linked them together. One person grabbed one side, and made thousands of synchronous swing arms and raised legs every day until the two could reach a pure tacit understanding. The legs are the same height.

Liu Cuiqing and Xu Donglin were in the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games Women’s 200m T11 -level semi -finals. Tuyuan Oriental IC

It was a rubber rope that was ten centimeters in the middle and one ring on both sides with a total length of no more than 30 cm. Xu Donglin described it as “eye, trust, warrior’s gun”.

The distance between the distance and the speed gap can be felt through the tightness of the rope. At first, Xu Donglin still needed to send a brief instruction during the running process, “straight”, “up”, and later conveyed information with the traction rope. Breathing was no longer affected by words, and their rhythm became smoother.

It ’s been a long time to partner. Sometimes, when he brought the bracelet before the game, Xu Donglin could feel the rhythm and state of this scene. The feeling was very subtle.

He recalled a rare fire at Liu Cuiqing. In July of this year, the two were seriously injured. During the training, they had not yet reached the end. Liu Cuiqing couldn’t hold it and sprinkled the rope. Xu Donglin felt unbearable. In his eyes, even if he reached the end, he could not directly “fighter abstain”.

Soon, they ushered in the best years in their careers and became the focus in each competition. At the Incheon Asian Paralympic Games in 2014, they won the five gold medals of 100M, 200M, 400M, 4 × 100M, and long jump. Two gold, one silver and one copper.

In the 400 -meter preliminaries of the Rio Paralympic Games, Xu Donglin stretched his thighs during his acceleration. After running, he couldn’t walk. He lay on the bed for a day and a half, holding up and climbing to participate in the finals.

The sound of gunfire sounded, the speed and direction of the two were no different from usual. Liu Cuiqing jumped out of the end and won the gold medal with an absolute advantage, but Xu Donglin did not follow her like the past, but fell heavily at the end, and could not get up for a long time.

“It really can’t be completed by 5 meters.” But when Liu Cuqing asked him before the game, he smiled and said that he was okay. You can rest assured.

Liu Cuiqing could feel that he was different from usual. She was walking crooked and limping, but she couldn’t see it, and she couldn’t be sure how serious it was. The relationship between the two is like a loved one. Liu Cuiqing is not good at expressing it, and rarely thanks to him. I just think that this gold medal is too easy.

But after the 400 -meter championship of the Tokyo Paralympic Games this year, she solemnly told Xu Donglin: “Thank you, I took me to the highest podium.”

After the return of Tokyo, they are isolated in the hotel. They still have to have a video connection every morning to maintain their physical strength for two hours. Soon, they have to work together to play in the National Paragraphs. Future planning depends on the situation of the body. How long can it be partners? No one knows the answer.

Once, Liu Cuiqing said in a episode that if he resumed his light, the first person to see was Xu Donglin. Her answer still has not changed. “Everyone said that my leader is so handsome. I want to see if it is different from my imagination.”

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