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Recently, the weather has gradually become cold. In this autumn season, you have put on the first one in autumn



The windbreaker is light, windproof and waterproof, especially suitable for autumn weather, almost one person. But if you want to wear a special trench coat that everyone has, you still need to think about it ~

Today we will from


1 件风衣=30 套搭配!照着穿就对了

As well as

Color and inside choice

1 件风衣=30 套搭配!照着穿就对了

Take a look at those in three aspects

1 件风衣=30 套搭配!照着穿就对了

Good -looking autumn trench coat


It has always been a style that Boshie loves, it puts it on

Comes with a sense of coldness

It is very cool with the cool temperature in autumn, and it is very



1 件风衣=30 套搭配!照着穿就对了

Most of the leather styles have omitted a variety of conventional designs such as shoulder chapter, windproof tablets, so

1 件风衣=30 套搭配!照着穿就对了

Simple style and leather fabric

It’s even better to put it together

Modern sense

Essence At the same time, there is no design of the shoulder chapter, the smooth lines of the shoulders are more tolerant of our figure,

Will not increase the visual presence of the shoulder

, I’m not afraid of being fat!

If you put on the leather trench coat, you can match one

Tight jeans

1 件风衣=30 套搭配!照着穿就对了

The sharp version and the feeling of windbreaker together constitute a smooth line, making you look more upright. Wear a pair again


The most eye -catching thing on the whole street is you!

Checked trench coat

The windbreaker of the checkered pattern can be divided into two categories. One category is

1 件风衣=30 套搭配!照着穿就对了

Make the neckline, cuffs, and lining into checkered patterns

1 件风衣=30 套搭配!照着穿就对了

Style. This type of plaid plays a very important decorative role. Compared to solid color trench coats, the design of the checkered design improves the entire clothes

1 件风衣=30 套搭配!照着穿就对了


Essence Because the plaid on the jacket is already a highlight, you can choose some simple bottoming shirts upper upper body.

If you want to try

1 件风衣=30 套搭配!照着穿就对了

Higher -level matching

, You can choose clothes with pattern as an inward, just keep it

Consistent color

It won’t be too abrupt ~

The other is

The whole body is a windbreaker with a checkered pattern

It is a small light -colored plaid. Because if the pattern is too large, it will be strong when wearing a memory point, and if you want clothes to wear long water for a long time, low -key

Light -colored fine checkered

It’s YYDS! Patient and look at it.

In color, windbreaker is a coat that returns to the public’s horizon every fall. It is a very magical item. It can be elegant and intellectual. The trench coat can always show women’s unique and heroic posture.


In terms of color, everyone must think of the classic khaki first.

Classic khaki trench coats are generally available

Shoulder chapter, buttons, guns, windproof films

Waiting for the design, these designs make the windbreaker even more


Essence The elegant lapel plus the belt, exactly the temperament of OL ~

1 件风衣=30 套搭配!照着穿就对了

But now there are many improved styles, such as the collar has become

Small lapel

, Or add some

1 件风衣=30 套搭配!照着穿就对了

Elegant fold


Random belt and so on

Design, play a lot of tricks to make the khaki trench coat more fashionable.

In terms of matching, khaki trench coat

High compatibility

1 件风衣=30 套搭配!照着穿就对了

All kinds of colorful inside, it can be easily digested. Or match

slogan T

You can also express your attitude more ~

1 件风衣=30 套搭配!照着穿就对了

No matter what style, if you are looking for one

Getting Start Winder


Classic low -key khaki trench coat

When you do n’t give up, you wo n’t be out of date if you wear it for many years ~


Compared to the classic and simple khaki, the black windbreaker seems to have a mature atmosphere. If you want to find a key occasion to support the windbreaker, choose black.

Stand -up style

Especially showing temperament. Tie the hair up, the cool stand -up collar black trench coat plus a pair


, The gas field is instantly increased by 1 meter 8 ~

If the weather is cold, you can also wear a wool hat called a small -faced artifact, and the effect is great ~

1 件风衣=30 套搭配!照着穿就对了

If you want to balance the black trench coat

Capable and mature

Then choose some light colors


Let’s brighten the overall brightness. In this way, you can make the black windbreaker more daily.


In a series of black and white gray jackets in autumn and winter, wearing a green windbreaker is absolutely able to instantly

Breaking the dull environment

, Increase some vibrant feelings. And green is the color of all kinds of grass and trees. Seeing not only comfortable eyes, but also super relaxed!

Breaking the boring environment of autumn

Choose inner choice

With a shirt,

The first match can be said to be suitable for commuting. Shirts are a must for office workers.

Focusing on both comfortable and formal feeling

1 件风衣=30 套搭配!照着穿就对了

When matching the trench coat, if it is just a round neck T -shirt, I always feel that there is a trace of monotonous. But just add one between the T -shirt and the windbreaker

1 件风衣=30 套搭配!照着穿就对了

Thin shirt

, The “double -layer collar” composed of shirt collar and windbreaker instantly allows

The sense of layering is much improved

The shirt collar when stacked does not need to be buckled too much,

Skill a few buckles at will

It also made a slightly dull dress more fun. Such a workplace dress is neither ordinary nor ingenuity. Walking in the office is full of wind ~

With a sweater

The sweater is a single item for people in autumn. Although there are many trendy styles every year, but

The versatile is a hat -connected model

The motion of the hooded sweater

1 件风衣=30 套搭配!照着穿就对了


The casual sense of long trench coat,

The collision between the two is surprisingly harmonious. Put a pair of casual sports pants on the lower body, step on the daddy shoes, and easily outline the lazy feeling. You can easily hold all kinds of daily occasions ~

At the same time, remember to put on a hood hat/fisherman hat for street concave shape when you match it, you can go shopping

Sense of styling and wildness

It’s wrong ~

And if the weather slowly becomes cold, you can choose some thick -hooded sweaters, or wear a cute little scarf, which is more than a single T -shirt or shirt.

More warmth

Oh ~ ~

1 件风衣=30 套搭配!照着穿就对了

Well, this is here today’s article ~ Over the years, the trench coat has become more and more popular, and has become an indispensable style in the closet.

As long as you are willing to try, the style of the trench coat is also changing. You can rely on your own inspiration to match your trench coat shape ~

1 件风衣=30 套搭配!照着穿就对了


As well as

As well as

As well as

1 件风衣=30 套搭配!照着穿就对了

As well as



In a series of black and white gray jackets in autumn and winter, wearing a green windbreaker is absolutely able to instantly

1 件风衣=30 套搭配!照着穿就对了

, Increase some vibrant feelings. And green is the color of all kinds of grass and trees. Seeing not only comfortable eyes, but also super relaxed!