The legend of Eason Chan and Jay Chou’s pants, will it be over for 20 years?


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This week’s “New Singing of China” entered the stage of heat, and Princess Zhou and Director Chen played everyday. This period of the two people’s shame of each other became a topic.

But what is more eye -catching than the little princess is the director’s suit pants. Although it is not high except Hua Shao’s crotch, the director’s crotch is collapsed ~ wearing ~ the ground ~ heart.

Anyway, it is not a collapse or twice.

… agin

Pan Shuai also began to collapse in the first episode in the first episode. There is no way. It is rare that fifteen years have passed, and the formula of jackets and jeans is still so pure.

Dating with Wu Xin will also collapse in the United States.

Previously, we also introduced this “Honey Aesthetic of the Wing -Circle Steel Men”. From the final stubbornness of Lin Xinxin, watch the honey of the steel straight man’s honey of the long circle of honey.

This is the most favorite item for the one -meter three -meter -ranging one -meter three -meter teaching, and it is also capturing a large number of straight male stars in your circle.

The vitality is strong, it can be said that KUA KU is the New Black.

Although straight men’s pants have been entangled in the most annoying men’s TOP3 of girls, it is true that the pants are HIN history and a legend of fashion!

According to rumors, the pants originated in the United States prison. In order to avoid the prisoners from using their belts to suicide, suicide, prison uniforms are not equipped with belt, so the fat jail pants can only be hanged on the prisoner’s criminal.

After a long time, when the prisoner returned to the society, he felt unaccustomed, so he went to buy Oversize jeans to continue to collapse, and gradually collapsed into a hip -hop culture. It became crazy in the 1990s and was liked by young people who were pursuing freedom. Essence

But because it was too terrible, the underwear was flying, and the U.S. government had to advertise everyone “Raise Your Pants and Image”.

But I ca n’t stop everyone think it ’s cool. The New York Times even reported a pair of young robbers who like to wear very low pants, low to knee …

The mystery of straight men’s aesthetics

Because it is observing, some states announce that wearing too collapsed pants is illegal, and some cities can face a maximum of $ 500 or a maximum of 6 months in prison. Former President Obama also had a headache. As soon as he came to power, he called on everyone to raise pants and respect others.

Fortunately, the pants are not so exaggerated now, but there are still a lot of men who can’t extricate their own pants. This is the world’s common problem … So where is the pants?

Crowded pants and comfortable! Walking on the road, he was giving up, and the clouds drove foggy, and it looked like a fairy! Like Wu Yifan.

There are a lot of styles, a lot of choices, can be rough and coquettish, can be high -end to the public, and the outline style collapses.

The temperament is more youthful and invincible! Do n’t believe you, no one can wear tight calfs in ancient and modern China and foreign countries. It ’s not enough!

Occasionally you can make a guest -like pants pocket, which is yours to install the world.

So such a strong pants, in modern times, symbolize free and open pants, have gone out of different 130Club styles in Hong Kong, Mainland, and Taiwan.

浮 The exaggeration of the collapse of Hong Kong 浮

The characteristics of Hong Kong’s collapse are exaggeration, various prints, various silhouettes, headed by the director of Eason Chan, taking the tide route, no money.

Daily life sports pants are also young, Chen Guanxi, Hong Kong -style tide male style.

✕The real wear of Taiwan 垮

The characteristics of Taiwan’s collapse are comfortable, low -key, practical, and unattended mood on the stage. The airport is 100%wear, such as a small princess with 800 black pants.

Another example is Huo Jianhua Xiansen in 130club.

嘻 Hip -hop in the mainland 嘻

The characteristics of the collapse of the Mainland are the collapse and the Hiphop collapsed, which has lowered the average age of the entire collapse. Luhan has focused on the short year of short years. Wu Yifan focused on the last 100 years and has its own specialties.

The big teacher in the Mainland is the existence of the ancestors of the ancestors of the three places on both sides of the strait. If Eason Chan puts out the style of the pants, the big teacher will wear the pants out of the soul, the style does not exist, and the style does not exist. It’s right with all the pants.

You can see Eason Chan from his pants, see Edison Chen see Jay Chou, see himself, Miss Love thinks, this is probably a legend.

I do n’t know if it ’s my illusion. The big teacher’ s school uniform pants seem to be a little better than Luhan … Anyway, it ’s unbelievable if I did n’t pull it!

Anyway, the big teacher has no chance to prove that he is more than one meter or five, for a pair of beautiful buttocks.

If there is a little friend who wants to join the collapse, we can give three suggestions here.

1. Short, even if it is, good, the example of the director is still here.

2. If you are okay, you can try the matching method of Honghua Hui Beibei

Don’t choose too exaggerated crotch pants, choose slightly collapsed, slightly loose jeans or sports pants with short T -shirts, sweaters, etc., try your best to create a sense of leisure and avoid disobedience.

3. If you really want to make a thorough pants, then boldly go,

Anyway, Wu Yifan did not look good every time.

Thinking about it this way, human stubbornness is really vividly reflected on the pants. Recently, hip -hop has taken a wave, and it is estimated that the trend of pants will continue for some time on your husband and male friends.

They love it, and there is nothing bad, this is probably the ultimate significance of the legend! Smile.jpg

Let’s talk about buying and buying suggestions

Is there any behavior of the shopping cart manually now? We will ask for all kinds of in the background, and launch more advice on buying and buying the most ~ Pen core ~

At the end of this time, I recommend a few entry brands of the collapse, so that everyone can find the organization quickly.


You can choose the joint series of Guo Chao brand C2H4 and KAPPA, don’t be too hop. But it seems that the official store has been sold out. You can find a purchasing agent. It looks good with this series of the same series.

KAPPA’s ordinary sports pants are also a good choice. Sports pants usually do not exceed 500. Now Tmall flagship store is discounted and can be won in about 200. It is quite young, better than the joint series. Just remember not to wear sports tops of the same material, it is easy to go downstairs to help your mother buy food.

2. Fenty Puma

The girl who wants to collapse is better to look at the Fenty Puma. It looks good, and it is very girl. It will not look sloppy. If you are expensive, you can refer to the shape and look for replacement in Topshop and Zara.

3. R13

Finally, I recommend a denim brand R13. The price is high, but the models and styles are very good. Their rocked jeans and washed jeans are featured. The domestic purchases are mainly purchased on Lian Carver and Farfetch. The lumping degree is appropriate, it will not exaggerate, it is suitable for daily wear.

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