Parent -child game | Create a family playground with a paper tape that does not hurt the floor


Parent -child game | Create a family playground with a paper tape that does not hurt the floor

Hi, Daga Hao, we will introduce the series of parent -child games according to the material.

Today’s protagonist is:

Paper tape.

Compared with transparent glue, double -sided glue, paper tape is changed to paper, so it is called paper tape. Because the surface is paper, there are various colors. Babies who like to make accounts often use it to decorate.

In addition to the decoration, the paper tape is actually a good prop to do hand -made and parent -child games with children, because it is usually not strong, so

It is easy to tear, and there will never be residual glue after tearing it, which is easy to clean up.

Then I recommend some creativity and gameplay with paper tape as the main material.

Tape game

1. Car track

Our game punch card group

A mother showed a picture of my son playing a car

Instantly attracted the exclaims of other mothers

It turns out that there are paper tapes with a variety of track screens

You can buy on Taobao on the last search

Transfer with children as planners

Turn the living room at home into a city

Design roads, parking lots, tunnels …

Then cooperate with the various cars, building blocks and small ornaments at home

Believe me

Baby can play for many days

Even if there is no rail paper tape

Put a maze with solid color tape

Use a small car or small animal to go to the maze

It’s fun too

The older child let him design a maze by himself is also a challenge

2, jump house

Childhood Memory

Simple and traditional games

only need to

Stick the shape of the house with paper tape

Then jump, jump

3. Maze dribble

If the living room is big enough

Use paper tape to stick a maze on the floor

Let the children run from the starting point to the end

Can’t press the line

When testing the balance and coordination ability

4. Balanced wooden game

You can use colorful tape

Make a balanced wood for children to step on the line

Balance wood is not necessarily a straight line

Can be turned, spider web type

If you want to add some difficulty

You can also make some small rules,

For example, you need one -foot jump, walking upside down, etc.

When walking, ensure that your feet cannot get out of the area where the balance wood is balanced

Otherwise it will fail

5. Small Flying Worm Escape

Use a paper tape to stick into irregular networks on the door frame

Waste paper knead into a ball for “small flying worm”

Let the children throw these “small flying worms”

See if they can escape the spider web and not be stuck


The whole family can go to PK together

6. Far -jump

Paste the paper tape 30 cm on the floor

You can play a variety of “jump” games

Jump a jump to help grow taller

Jumping: See how many lines can be skipped

Running: String running in the gap of each line

Jump backwards: increase difficulties, try to jump backwards backwards

Single -foot jump: the best opportunity for one -foot jump exercise

7. Crossing the line of fire

Put the tape on the highlands on the highland at home

Make your child can’t touch the tape from this end to that

Is there a little bit of 007 agents through the fire line?

This game tests physical coordination

Tape handicraft

1. Schedule

Paste 31 grids with paper tape

The schedule is done

Write what your family needs to do every day on the convenience

Stick it on the corresponding date

What must be done every day

Everything is clear at a glance

2. Bookmark

Paste a small section of colored paper tape on the monotonous rebate needle

Immediately become a smart little bookmark

Maybe it can attract children to like to read books

3. Home decoration

Imaginative little friends

You can make beautiful decorations with white walls

Such a photo frame is very artistic

Black tape with white wall

Nordic style is simple and generous

Use colorful paper tape in children’s room

Can make the room full of childishness

On the monotonous door, cabinet, switch

Can exert creativity

It’s very interesting, is it

Hurry up to play with the baby

The above is the introduction and description of Paper Tape, I hope it can be helpful to you.