No wonder it is so popular to return to the hometown. After watching this European -style villa, I also want to act


There are more and more people who return home to cover the villas. Everyone wants to build a house to create a warm and happy family atmosphere, let parents spend the healthy old age, and let their children enjoy a happy childhood.

The following is

President Qiu, Luzhou City, Sichuan Province

Private custom

European -style villas, blue slope tops, tiger windows, vase fences and Roman columns, obvious European -style style, generous; exquisite reliefs and octagonal windows feel gorgeous but not publicity, making people shine.

Brand: Building a house


1. Villa drawing number: JF20967


2. Reference cost of the subject blank: 35-43

Ten thousand


3. Covering area: 156.7 square meters


4. Building area: 313.4

Square meter


5. 12.74 meters in the opening room, 13.04 meters deep

6. Brick -concrete structure, building height of 10.5 meters


Panoramic display map

Plane layout map

The indoor layout of the first floor: the interior of the house is transparent and bright; there are 2 bedrooms, which is convenient for living; the kitchen is designed to be convenient to enter and exit; the living room is paired with octagonal windows, and the field of vision is wide.


The indoor layout of the second -floor villa: 4 bedrooms with different sizes are reasonable. The master bedroom sets an internal guard, and the octagonal window brings a warm living life to the family; , Combine drying, ornamental, have diverse functions.