Babies 2 to 3 years old wear underwear, choose triangles or four corners? Parents should know in time in time


The girlfriend is 2 years old immediately, because the weather is hot now, many people advise their girlfriends to say that they can quickly abstain from the baby’s urine. After all, it is a girl. Clean and breathable.

Girlfriends go back and think about it, it feels right, although it may be more difficult at first (must be washed many times a day, and the baby will not be able to adapt), but now it seems to be the best to quit the baby’s urine without wet and change the underwear. During the period, if you miss it, it will be more difficult to quit in the future.

After thinking about it, the girlfriend quickly went to buy underwear for the child. You can see a variety of underwear on the market, with triangles, four -corner, and girlfriends confused: “These 2 ~ 3 -year -old babies wear underwear. Is it better to wear triangle under trousers, or is it better to quadrocrocolar underwear? “

First, what is the difference between the baby’s briefs and four -corner underwear

Choose underwear for the baby, there must be a lot of Baoma wondering: why the baby’s underwear is a triangle and some are four corners. What are the differences between the two?

1. The degree of comfort is different

Generally, the four -corner underwear makes the baby feel more comfortable than the triangular underwear, especially the male baby. This is because

Triangle underwear is closer to the root of the baby’s thigh, so it is easy to strangle to the baby


The design of the four -corner underwear is relatively loose, and the baby has no sense of restraint when wearing it

The event will be more free.


2. Different levels of personal

Because four -corner underwear is also called flat -angle pants, the biggest feature is loose and breathable, so comparison,

Circular underwear will be easier than briefs.

It is not conducive to protecting the baby’s privacy. In addition, triangular underwear is more likely to be dirty because it is close.

3. Different levels of beauty

If you choose a panties for a female baby, you will find it

Wearing triangle panties will be more beautiful than quadrilateral underwear


Compared with four -corner underwear, triangular underwear seems to be more like “underwear” in the traditional sense, while the four -corner underwear is more biased towards the style of “shorts”.

Second, triangular underwear and quadrocrocarorists, how should parents choose

Through comparison, we can find that triangular underwear and quadrilateral underwear each have their own advantages and disadvantages. In general, triangular underwear is more personal and more beautiful, but quadrilateral underwear is more comfortable. So how should parents choose?

In fact, as far as the same fabric is concerned, the parents of the triangle underwear and the four -corner underwear can choose.

You can let your baby change it,

Or if you are a female baby, choose briefs (closely not easy to go), and if it is a male baby, choose tetraonal panties (convenient for baby activities).

Third, choose underwear for your baby, what do parents need to pay attention to

Generally, male babies need to wear underwear during one and a half to two years old. So what do parents pay attention to when choosing underwear for their babies?

适 ① The size should be appropriate

: It is recommended to measure the baby, then choose according to the corresponding size, or try it to wear it for the baby to ensure that the size is appropriate and then buy.

越 ② The simpler the style, the better

: Try not to choose too much underwear for your baby, because this may affect the comfort of your baby wearing underwear.

紧 ③ The elastic band on the underwear is too tight


: When choosing underwear for your baby, parents must look at the elasticity of the elastic band. If the loose band is particularly tight, the parents should not consider it.


Mother’s message: In fact, choosing underwear for your baby, it is best to choose a cotton cotton. Do not be too dark. As for the triangular underwear or quadrilateral underwear, if the parents do not have an idea, they can also let the baby choose themselves. As long as the size is appropriate and the baby is comfortable, the baby will not resist too much inspection.