Let the health warning smart watch become popular again, how does “Star Guard” do it?


The laws of history tell us that if things in a certain field have quietly become popular, it must be because of this incident that has hit the pain points of many people. Recently, such a product was born in the intelligent health wearable industry.

The smart warning health product produced by Fosun Group’s wholly -owned subsidiary, the “Star Guard” smart watch, has received close attention as soon as it was released. The official unified price does not want money …

In my opinion, this product is awesome in the new integration model of “hardware monitoring+SaaS online health management+cloud diagnosis and treatment service”, which can be said to break the tradition of technology+healthy software products on the market now Design ideas. Exaggeration, the “Star Guard” smart watch even reminds people of the iPhone in the mobile phone industry and Tesla in the electric vehicle.

[Intelligent integration, like iPhone and Tesla]

As an IT veteran with 20 years of experience, I have worked on hardware companies (hard disks), software (Kingdee), and Internet industry (Alibaba 360 Sogou, etc.). Why did I give a new product such a high evaluation, even a little excitement? Because this is a road that has never been walked, and hit the user’s pain points directly.

What are the pain points of the healthy management of the elderly and the sub -healthy population? I think it can be simply summarized to three points:

1. Prevention is greater than treatment. Many common diseases, hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease are chronic diseases. Early detection and early treatment can be treated. The effect is far better than post -disease treatment. The so -called prevention, on the one hand, is living habits and exercise, on the other hand to monitor the changes in key data.


2. Data have standards and analytical management. The key indicators of each chronic disease such as blood pressure and blood oxygen have recognized medical standards. Only data analysis and comparison can be found and warned in time. Generally speaking, patients do not understand, run in line with the hospital, and the level of medical resources is different;

3. It must be rescued as soon as possible. Even if the elderly who live alone, once the stroke, myocardial infarction, or even the unable to call for help, the third -party institution needs to monitor and take targeted actions at all times.


This actually produces the three major core needs of users: hardware monitoring, software analysis, and cloud services. In the past, the industry was solved by one point. For example, various intelligent blood pressure meters, watches, etc. are simply hardware monitoring; various medical data analysis tools; cloud medical consultations, such as Ping An good doctor, good doctor online, etc.

However, for “Internet immigrants” (referring to the elderly in the elderly when middle -aged and elderly people have only started to contact the Internet, unlike young people who are “Internet Aboriginal people”), they have learned to use smartphones and APPs themselves as a recognized “information gap”. Do you still let them (her) solve three places and countless steps? Why is there no product that can be solved all intelligent, convenient and even fool? This is the needs of users, which is covered: integration.

In 2007, the leader Jobs released the iPhone1 for the first time, which is nothing more than the need for intelligence to integrate calls, surf the Internet, and take pictures; Traveling, environmental protection, auxiliary driving, networking and other needs.

History is always amazing.

[One entrance meets everything]

So how does the product design of “Star Guard” realize intelligent integration?

First of all, at the upper -end resource level, the “Star Guard” watch is against Fosun Group. The proper world of the Fortune 500 and the industry giant. The 2021 Forbes global listed company ranks 459. Throughout the four major sections of health, happiness, wealth, and intelligent manufacturing, there are no deep industrial resources in the field of health services in China.

This provides the “Star Guard” connecting cloud health services to the real landing, not embarrassing. For example, the support of the three -level medical services includes: Foshan Central Hospital with 50+ offline medical institutions and registered 500+ million people each year. Medical level online diagnosis and treatment capabilities cooperate with a large number of heads.


At the specific level of technological implementation, the “Star Guard” watch uses Melexis Belgian industry head company chips, strong battery life, non -Bluetooth devices, data continuously stored, mobile honeycomb modules collect data, and leave the phone to work.

Outstanding algorithm engineer from the first -line large manufacturers, relying on the combination of traditional Chinese and western medicine, through the leading smart terminal technology, continuously collects user heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, body temperature, sleep, and steps of 7*24 hours. Nearly one million people’s heart electro -image self -learning models, combined with artificial intelligence modeling, build personalized health warning solutions to provide users with cardiovascular, hypertension, and continuous monitoring and health early warning services of cardioscopy.


The health monitoring and early warning in all aspects is the biggest manifestation of the star guard “earlier, early discovery, early defense”. Myocardial infarction, stroke, tumors, potential health risks reminds services, monitor sleep and exercise simultaneously, and issue health reports daily. There is also a 7*24 -hour all -weather service response of Xingwei Health Butler, one -to -one VIP service to provide a health consultation star service experience.

One entrance, all services; seamless satisfaction, integration. Just like a user’s message: “Prevention is greater than treatment, parents are greater than money, healthy and priceless!”

[AI healthy new species = “hard+soft+cloud”]

It is reported that the “new species” of the quiet and healthy and intelligent hardware tracks, Chen Weijun, vice president of Fosun International and president of Fosun Industry Internet Business Group, and worked with the team for ten years.

According to the data, Chen Weijun is an executive of Ping An Group. He has successively served as the general manager and chief technician of Ping An’s “Financial One Express”, Ping An Good Doctor CIO and Internet Medical Innovation Research Institute. Pioneer; he also served as technical director at famous software companies such as Kingdee and Jinshan. In 2004, he joined the business model of Alibaba Group. He was the early senior technical director of Alibaba Group and Ali’s software CTO. His successful career has accumulated deep software and hardware and Internet technology and product experience. Because of the four top business leaders of Lei Jun, Ma Yun, Ma Mingzhe, and Guo Guangchang, Chen Weijun was also nicknamed the “four richest people in China” by the industry.

In the industry, Chen Weijun has always shown people in a low -key person. In his words, “We do technology and products, just the heroes behind the scenes. The scenery of the front desk allows others to go. Unless business needs, I am not interested.”

When it comes to the new product “Star Guard”, the IT veteran just said in a low -key manner: “The technology industry likes to turn around young people, not enough attention to the health market for the elderly. . ‘Star Guardian’ is an innovative work in the industry. The “hardware+software+cloud service ‘iron man three competition models are taken away. I hope to be the entrance to connect users and Fosun’s health and even all health services.”

In my opinion, the ambition of “Star Guard” is actually more than that? There are smart hardware entrances, precipitation and analysis data, SaaS online management of great health and direct cloud services. There are “small genius” in the children’s smart watch market, and the elderly smart watch market can also have “star guards”!

The seventh national census data shows that my country ’s 60 -year -old population accounts for 18.7%, with a total of 264 million. Relevant national departments recently issued a document that more than 100 demonstration enterprises have been cultivated, and related products such as pensions are constantly enriched. With the deepening of population aging, the size of the silver -haired economic market will further expand.


Of course, the technical content, innovation model and industrial resources of “Star Guard” are much higher than “small genius”. From the perspective of the high history, if strategic execution and the product are continuously iterated, what it is doing is actually like iPhone and WeChat, extending the Internet’s digital health and medical services to everyone’s real society. This is a large -scale dream, a new cause that is enough to excite. AI Medical Health, “Hard+Soft+Cloud” is a track, and it is destined to be a marathon.


I think everything is wearable, everything is data, everything can be connected. The new trend of digital medical care in the AI ​​Health Age will come quietly. Whoever can move first will occupy the commanding heights. I was glad to see that it was a startup company such as “Star Guard” began to rush up, not those traditional giants. I hope that the protagonist of the next era is a new hero.

If the direction is right, you are not afraid of Luyuan. I will continue to pay close attention, Keep Walking!