Not to mention that you can’t wear high heels, everything with the waterproof platform is solved.


In fact, there are still many beautiful women in real life who are not used to high -heeled shoes for other reasons to show sexy and charming moments. Then the design of the waterproof platform women’s shoes has changed this situation. Generally, there are no waterproof platform ratios. To be more comfortable, the higher the water platform, the higher the impact, the impact is not so tired, because of its height and its comfort, and can wear the effect of long legs, so it is the first choice of beautiful women.


Double -colored metal feel is dazzling and dazzling, which can add highlights to various parties. Golden imitation snake pattern leather and silver leather are made with a solid 13 cm high heel and slender ankle lace. When pairing with a mini skirt, it will naturally become the focus of the overall dress, and put on wide -leg pants to make it looming from the feet of the pants, and don’t have a style.

The Sophia Webr’s waterproof platform thick -heel sandals are shiny and eye -catching. The soles of the shoe are covered with golden shallots, and the slender snake -like leather is elegantly crossing the back of the foot. The overall retro charm is strong, as if the people instantly brought back to the gorgeous swaying 1970s. Before putting it on it, you may wish to use body scrubbage and nourishing moisturizing cream, so that the skin of the feet is more hydrated and polished.

Gianvito Rossi’s waterproof platform sandals are paid tribute to the Disco style in the 1970s. The single product is made of shining golden leather in Italy. It has a cross -band, and the waterproof platform and a 12 cm high heel to balance. The thick heel is very suitable for wearing the outdoor activities to avoid the embarrassing scene of the heels from falling into the grass.


Most of Malone Souliers’s shoes are equipped with brand iconic slim bands. This “Miranda” sandals are naturally no exception. It is made of eye -catching gold and silver double -color leather in Italy. It is equipped with a 12.5 cm thick heel. The thick waterproof platform makes it more comfortable and stable, helping you to walk freely and dance on the party.

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