New meaning! “The Spring Festival Gala in 2022” shows the spirit of the new era and the new journey in the laughter


Source: CCTV News Client


“Taurus Ang’s first resignation, Yuhu Nafu welcomed the spring.” At 20 o’clock on January 31st, the “Spring Festival Gala in 2022” at the Central Radio and Television Terminal was in a joyful and joyful Chinese New Year atmosphere, and met the audience.

The content of the entire party is novel and unique, and the emotions are warm and full. The clever use of the 720 -degree ring screen and the virtual technologies such as XR and AR presented a cultural meal with ideological, artistic and ornamental to the audience. The party has received widespread attention from audiences and media at home and abroad from beginning to end. It is generally believed that the Spring Festival Gala 2022 is colorful and new, creating a festive atmosphere of living dragons and dragons.

According to preliminary statistics, as of 24:00 on January 31, the average ratings of the live broadcast of the TV night on the Spring Festival Gala of 2022 reached 21.93%. New media direct -demand users reached 4.932 billion times, which was significantly increased from last year. The first vertical screen watching the Spring Festival Gala has a cumulative number of viewers of 200 million people, and users under the age of 30 of the vertical screen users accounted for more than 50%. The netizens’ good reviews are like a tide. The total number of likes is 360 million. , I wish the motherland prosperous and prosperous, Guotai Min’an. Overseas, from the United States, Canada, France, Italy, Russia, Japan, Brazil, Australia, India, the UAE, Singapore, South Africa and other more than 600 media in more than 600 media and regions, simultaneously live and report the Spring Festival Gala through CNTV and through CNTV and CGTN overseas social matrix watched the Spring Festival Gala live broadcast overseas more than 35.24 million times, an increase of nearly 16.58 million times last year.


Express the people for the times to play songs

The singing of the song and dancing shows the flavor of the red and red fire

This year’s Spring Festival Gala is based on the “Welcome Spring Songs in the New journey and the Ode to the Ode to China in the Year of the Year”. Major themes such as the Winter Olympics and China Aerospace depict the magnificent pictures of the new journey in the new era.


The opening show “Happy Year” filled the year of happiness and reunion, and instantly pushed the atmosphere of the party to a climax. Zhang Ye and Lu Jihong sang “The Dream of Millenniums” and “The Road to Strong Country” with a song “Our Time”. Yin Xiumei and Yan Wei’s “100,000 Miles of Spring Wind” are affectionate and simple, singing the vitality of the spring of the Chinese earth. Chen Kun, Xiao Jingteng (Taiwan, China), Wang Jiaer (Hong Kong, China), Peng Yongchen (Macau, China) sang the magnificent “Yellow River

The Yangtze River “”, let the world hear the surging of the Oriental River. The dance “Putting a Spring” is based on the dance of the Lahu tribe. Shanxiang’s poverty alleviation achieved fruitful results, full of sense of gain and happiness in people’s hearts. “My sense of time is the flame of dreams in my heart.” The song “Time A sense” jointly performed by Deng Chao, Li Yuchun, and Yi Xi Qianxi, in the high -rust of the rhythm, sang young people’s longing and hope for the future.

Last year, the news of Yunnan Qunxiang to north and south to south touched the hearts of the world. A beautiful picture of a person with a harmonious coexistence with nature began in the short music drama “Vientiane Return Spring”. People live up to Qingshan, and Qingshan is not upset. The original ecological scenario performance “Song of the Land” brings together the Western Hubei “Stone Gongzi”, the “Public Rumor” in northern Shaanxi, the “Aolu Guya” in Daxing’an Ridge, the “Song of Tea Picking” in the east of Fujian, and the “Heart Liver Ticket” in western Yunnan. Folk -civilian music, a dialogue between people and nature, expresses the most rustic emotions of the Chinese people in the ecological civilization of the mountains and water, the grass and sand of the lake, forestry, lakes.


Asked the sky, in 2021, we handed over a space answer sheet that was excited and marveling at the world. With the help of XR technology, the 720 -degree dome screen is as splendid as the star river. In the children’s dance “Star Dream”, the children in the blue astronauts jumped into a little starlight, and the astronaut Wang Yaping’s daughter who was performing the mission at the space station “Mom” made the “aerospace dream” full of feathers and feathers. The sky, let the “Dream of the Power” plug in the wings and fly into the hearts of the future generation of the motherland.

Traditional culture has a long -lasting creative fusion charm unlimited

One of the highlights of this year’s Spring Festival Gala is the integration of innovative programs that show the Chinese cultural heritage and the pursuit of the times. Music drama, landscape Tai Chi, creative sound dance poetry and painting, and original ecological scenarios, through deep integration of science and technology and culture, create a beautiful and stunning visual effect in illusions and realism. The dance poetry drama “Only this green and green” integrates cutting -edge technology such as XR and holographic scanning. The dancers use the classic legendary legend of “Thousands of Miles and Mountains” with dance vocabulary such as unique, waiting, and thinking. Between the pilleration, the green and green are set up for thousands of years;


The creative sound and dance poem “Reminiscence Jiangnan” combines the famous masterpiece “Fuchun Mountain Residence”. Wu Cunxin, Feng Yuanzheng, Li Liqun (Taiwan), Ding Zhicheng, A Yunga, Yang Zongwei (Taiwan), Zheng Qiyuan, Cai Chengyu and others entered the painting. Essence The audience reads classics in the lifelike scrolls and finds Jiangnan.


From the famous masters in the years to Mengwa, who is only seven years old, several generations have contributed to the “Life Life” on the same stage. Especially in the Beijing opera selection section “Xu Ce Running the City”, Chen Shaoyun, who is 74 -year -old, has not been old. Feel the cultural spirit of the Chinese nation during the chanting.

The building is 100 feet high, you can pick the stars. Standing at the height of China, conveying the spirit of China, and condensing Chinese power. The landscape Tai Chi “Xingyun flowing water” breaks through the stage space restriction. Union. The martial arts short drama “milk tiger Xiaochun” integrates the plot into martial arts performances. Tigerwa takes the martial arts, wading mountains and wading, and wisdom and heroes as narrative clues. Express.


Five lakes and four seas dialects have their own tastes, and the people of the north and south of the world are versatile and versatile. Jiang Kun and Dai Zhicheng’s cross talk “Happy Dialect” said that the Chinese language and regional culture were lively and colorful. Young cross talk actors Lu Xin and Yu Hao used a paragraph of “Like”, and interpreted the fashion charm of traditional art forms such as book evaluation, two -person transfer, Qinqiang.

Centennial archeology trace the roots, presenting the era of “how to China” for human civilization. Zhang Guoli revealed the newly unearthed cultural relics bronze mask. The heavy weapon of the country was true, and at a glance, he witnessed the millennium civilization. The subsequent dance “Golden Noodles”, the dancer and the bronze mask crossed the time and space, and started a fantasy love to make the “national treasure live.”

Watch the real life in the joy of transmission of true love and great love

Language programs are realized in a small incision, and the subject matter is diverse and grounded, showing a variety of life appearance. The sketch “The Story of the Rest Area” starring Guo Donglin, Shao Feng and others, tells the active active of the two employees’ medical couples to actively participate in the anti -epidemic cause. The dialogue revealed that the small family love is a true portrayal of countless fighting workers in the anti -epidemic. ” In the red envelope “” Jia Bing sells a car and send red envelopes for workers, and praise the mutual help between people; the sketch “Father and Son” stare at the entrepreneur, reflecting the understanding of the father and son With care; the sketches brought by Jia Ling, Zhang Xiaofei and others, “Happy and Happy”, use a short video to break the question to present a lively and happy family and good show; Shen Teng, Ma Li, Chang Yuan, Allen and others The interpretable sketch, “Not yet back”, the spicy and ironic “Lao Lai” who has been helped and betrayed the relatives. “Your person” and other warnings advocate the virtue of integrity.

The Spring Festival Gala Stage also intertwined with family, friendship, and love, and conveying great love on earth. Han Hong gave the affectionate singing “So many people in this world” to everyone who worked hard for a happy life, and used love to make the world warmer and powerful. Li Ronghao and Zhang Shaohan (Taiwan, China) chorus “Love together”, interpreting the sincere emotions that accompany each other and love together. The song “You are a gift in my life”. Under the melodious piano accompaniment in Urado, Liu Huan sang love freehand -family companionship, the help of friends, and the care of lovers are gifts given by life. Ren Jialun, Wang Yuan, Song Qian, and Jike Yiyi brought the song “True Love Dance”. The acrobatics performance co -authored the cheerful rhythm and a happy ocean on the scene.

Welcome the Winter Olympics to gather positive energy to the future together

The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics will open on February 4th. The Spring Festival Gala of the Year of the Tiger has a new article, telling the story of the Winter Olympics with creative works, and going to the snow and snow.


For the first time, the International Olympic Committee President Bach uses Chinese to wish you a happy Chinese New Year and the Year of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala. Liao Changyong and Li Yan (Hong Kong, China) sang the theme song “Light” with many international friends. “Olympic meetings, the most beautiful smiles of the colorful sky”, dreams crossed Guanshan Wanzhong, and the Olympic spirit spread all over the world.


In the Spring Festival Gala specially designed the short film “The Frozen of the Frozen China”, the Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympic Mascot “Ice Poona” and “Snow Rong Rong” are like elves, accompanied by ice round dance music, winter Olympic symphony beating notes to fly through The surrounding area to conduct the dovetail suits into ice and snow equipment, and the command stick turned into a sleigh from the winter Olympic skiing platform to slide down from the Winter Olympics skiing, and completed the dream transfer from the Spring Festival Gala Stage to the Winter Olympics venue. The art of the arts is blooming, and the piano and the skating of the figure are the perfect fusion of ice and snow sports with classical music. With the dance of music, the two small elves flew to the field of the Beijing Winter Olympics venues such as Bing Cube, Snow Ruyi, Bing Ribbon, Bingzh San, Bingling Flower.


The “Spring Festival Gala in 2022” expresses the excellent Chinese culture with a sense of epoch -making and youthful language, and contributes a colorful cultural meal for the majority of the audience, singing the spring song in the new era and new journey.