How to choose a water purifier, the top ten rankings of reverse osmosis water purifiers, do not miss these high -quality brands


How to choose a water purifier, the top ten rankings of reverse osmosis water purifiers, do not miss these high -quality brands

Today, the domestic water pollution conditions are serious. At present, the best purification effect on the market is reverse osmosis water purifiers. The purification effect is good, and the technology is mature and stable. What are the good -lying water purifier brands? Next, I will introduce a few brands in the top ten of reverse osmosis water purifiers. Let’s take a look together!

Recommended high -quality brand recommendation

Although the reverse osmosis technology is mature and stable, the different water purification equipment is different from the filter element, and the purification effect is different. Then when we choose the water purifier, we can refer to these high -quality brands: Haier water purifier, Dorens water purifier, and the water purifier, and the Dalens water purifier, and the Dalens water purifier, and Bingzun water purifier, here is a detailed explanation for everyone.

Top ten rankings of reverse osmosis water purifiers -Haier water purifier

Haier is a household name. As the Fortune 500, it has occupied many years in the home appliance industry. In terms of product production and manufacturing, it also has rich experience. Haier water purifier is also guaranteed. There are good sales globally, and the market response is enthusiastic.

Haier has focused on the innovation of water purification technology. Since its establishment, it has won more than 400 domestic and foreign patents, and has become the winner of the “Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress”. The water purification technology has reached the international advanced level. At present Haier water purifier is expanding its water purification market, and investment promotion activities are underway!

Top Ten Rankings of Reverse Soning Water Purifier -Dorens Water Purifier

Dorens is an international brand. It establishes a research and development center in China and has a comprehensive quality management system, allowing each step of production process to have strict control standards and traceable management. Comprehensive laboratory, conduct detailed analysis and research on the different water quality of the seven major water systems in China, analyze domestic water quality, research and develop filtering methods suitable for different water quality, so that people drink healthy water. It is a well -known brand.

There are thousands of physical stores offline, including franchisees in many provinces across the country, multiple CCTV channels, and work together to achieve comprehensive coverage of high -speed rail stations and airports in first -tier and second -tier cities to create a communication matrix , Brand influence cannot be underestimated.

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Top Ten Rankings of Reverse Soning Water Purifier -Bingzun Water Purifier

Bingzun water purifier is welcomed by the younger generation of the aged 30-40 years old. This generation likes the high-quality drinking water for Bingzun water purifiers to live a healthy life. The German Bingzun water purifier is the inventor and leader of the world’s water purifier. It has led the international water purifier industry for more than 200 years and is known as the “world water purification supreme”.

An international water purifier brand, and has been ranked first in the international brand rankings. The previous products were only provided to the royal nobles in Europe. This brand advantage and brand influence are unspeakable, and in terms of franchise support, the brand side has also given great efforts-100%decoration subsidies for specialty stores and 50%advertising subsidies.

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