The global “plastic restriction order” is released. Maybe this material is the most widely used material in the world?


The global “plastic restriction order” is released. Maybe this material is the most widely used material in the world?

From February 28th to March 2nd, the Fifth UN Environment Conference discussed and formulated the first global agreement to respond to plastic crisis, and passed the legal binding “Plastic Pollution Resolution (Draft)”. This means that the global “plastic restriction order” is coming, and at the same time, it has a fire degradable plastic.

Today, let’s take a chosper hydroxyl fatty acid -PHA that can be used as plastic or “eat”.

Natural PHA materials can be applied to traditional plastic applications such as thermoplastic plastic, thermal solid plastic, elastic body, lubricant, glue, adhesive and other traditional plastic applications. Cell regeneration, denitrification and cosmetics.

NatUral Pha Materials

The most widely used materials in the world?

We believe that the natural PHA material shows its huge application of multifunctional characteristics, which is better than any other existing materials. The reason is that there are natural PHA materials in many parts of nature, and even the time that appears far exceeds humans.

PHA represents polycaticated fatty acid ester, which can have countless different groups, so we bluntly say that the nature of PHA is meaningless because different molecules have different properties.

▲ Environmental protection straw

However, many PHA materials exist naturally, such as PHB and some of their clusters, such as PHBV, PHBHHX, P3HB4HB, PHBO and PHBD. These materials are not synthetic plastic, but natural materials found in nature, like cellulose or starch.

These natural molecules are not produced by chemical aggregation, but are converted from natural nutrients (sugar, vegetable oils, starch, etc.) through the biochemical reaction of enzyme control.

▲ PHB powder and granules

These natural PHAS are part of all organisms (including plants, animals, and humans) since the beginning of the earth. They are nutritional and energy storage substances. Naturally, we can consider biodegradable materials, or biological feeds in various environments. In addition, unlike most other materials, they can fully meet the end treatment of various forms.

Today, PHAS materials can be applied to thermoplastic plastic, thermal solid plastic, elastic body, lubricant, glue, adhesive, and some non -traditional polymer applications, such as animal feed, human and animals cell regeneration, anti -anti -anti -countermeasure Nitrification and cosmetics. Many production capacity expansion is planning or under construction, especially in the Asia -Pacific region and North America. Even if these benign materials are produced by industrial scale, they just imitate their natural synthesis.

▲ The pHB monomer is 3-hydroxylocidal

3.-3-hydroxyloche is the energy molecule of natural existence of the human body.

Traditional plastic application

In the past ten years, many companies have invested billions of dollars for development and construction, and used large -scale industrialization to produce natural PHA materials. At the same time, many applications have been developed, mainly focusing on the areas that focus on biodegradation and high value.

In fact, natural PHA substances are biological feeds in various environments, so they can achieve biological degradation (that is, carbon converted into carbon dioxide gas) in various environments, although the rate of biodegradation depends on geometric shapes and external conditions, such as such as external conditions, such as external conditions, such as external conditions, such as external conditions, such as external conditions, such as external conditions, such as external conditions, such as external conditions, such as external conditions, such as external conditions, such as external conditions, such as external conditions, such as external conditions, such as external conditions, such as external conditions, such as external conditions. For example, Temperature, humidity and others.

At the request of the German Federal Food and Agriculture, the results of the BIOSINN project described 25 market product portfolios, of which biodegradation is a feasible processing result. For example, it is difficult to separate plastic from organic materials used in family or industrial compost, and when plastic fragments enter the open environment, or to remove them are very difficult or expensive at cost, biodegradation reflects it. Advantage.

At present, the products of natural PHA materials on the market include coffee capsules, garbage bags, clips, non -woven fabrics, food packaging films, micro -plastic in cosmetics and coating paper in coffee cups. Among them, coating paper can also be recycled by the paper industry. In addition, the Biosinn report also mentioned many applications. All in all, the biggest challenge is the total productivity of the global natural PHA, and many new factories are under construction.

▲ Plastic pollution

Of course, biodegradability is not PHA’s only unique selling point (USP). A joint enterprise has clearly stated that they have significantly improved the company’s scientific research level to develop natural PHA materials. They developed a new PHA compound, 100%consisting of biological bases, high temperature resistance, easy processing, and can be made into various durable products.

This composite company has developed more than 500 different natural PHA base formulas, from rigidity to extremely flexible, high temperature resistance up to 130 ° C, climate resistance and ultraviolet rays, rapid melting and nuclear, and improving blocking performance, which proves natural PHA materials It can be converted into a series of new biochnsistes, and its processing speed can be as fast or faster as the polymer of all conversion technology used in the current industry.

Not only that, PHA can be used as a main component in a film or 3D printing, and a few years ago, they often used PBAT or PLA as additives. High molecular measuring non -crystalline or low -end crystalline PPA grade (such as 50% 4HB or PHBHHX of P3HB4HB of P3HB4HB) has the adjustability of the polymer’s performance and attributes.

These examples are not just theories, they have been used in reality such as glasses boxes (replaced ABS or PP talcs), pens (replaced ABS), design chairs (replaced GFR-PP), lamps, electric light switches (replaced PC/ABS) and other products Essence

▲ PHA products

In addition, some low-E-modulus natural PHA materials have been developed for hot-melt adhesives, pressure-sensitive adhesives, layer pressure adhesives and sealing agents. In addition, several PHA materials are used for plastering agents in the coating to replace the silicon, so as to obtain better transparency and tactile performance (soft feeling). These tactile characteristics are one of the unique selling points of these materials Essence So far, PHA materials are small due to low yield and small use, but we believe that the use of large -scale use is only a time problem.

It is worth mentioning that, given a large number of plastics entering our ocean every year, many people actively participate in the development of making textile fabrics and non -woven fibers with PHA. Although the first application has appeared in the market, the scale is still small, and the development of the application is still in the early stages, especially in textile applications. At present, the fiber used in the market, in addition to the natural PHA material, also contains other polymers.

▲ PHA fiber spinning

Non -traditional plastic application

In view of the role of natural PHA materials in the natural environment and its unique appearance, some non -traditional plastic applications have also been developed and commercialized. Including applications such as animal feed, medical care (including humans and animals), nitrification, artificial garries and cosmetics.

In specific environments (wastewater treatment, aquarium, shrimp, fish, turtle farms, etc.), when too much ammonia, it needs to be treated with denitrification. As we all know, ammonia becomes nitrate and nitrite through oxidation, while natural PHA is a good carbon source for nitrate and nitrite to be reduced as nitrogen, because it provides carbon through biodegradation into the process of nitrification. Today, materials relying on these applications are already sold in the market.

Another completely different application is to use natural PHA for medical treatment. In the human body, people can use microspheres composed of PHA to accommodate and cultivate stem cells. The degradation time of the microsphere is about one year, and the degradation product is used by cells and helps cells grow.

In addition, PHA can also be used for bone regeneration, skin injury repair (closed wound), nerve guidance catheter, etc. The bracket made of this material has also been proven to be able to handle bone repair and repair damaged esophagus. TEPHA (the United States) has produced the above products for about 10 years, and Mai Defa (China) has also achieved results in this field. One of them is to use PHA as a carrier to control drug transportation.

▲ PHA medical application

Artificial sports venues such as football fields always need to be filled. Although the old car tires were used as fillers in the past, it has now been eliminated by healthy and environmental safety issues. However, natural PHA materials have been allowed to be used for artificial lawn filling (the FIFA approval).

In addition to these, PHB and other natural PHA materials can also be used as feed or feed additives for animals.

Phantal aquatic biological research with PHB confirms that PHB has excellent effects in animal growth, intestinal microbial community structure, and disease resistance. At the same time Quality content.

PHB is also used as an antibiotic alternative to protecting shrimp from disease -related Campbell. Observing it can induce the expression of thermal shock protein (HSP), and to a certain extent, it will help protect the shrimp from being exempted from Campbell’s Jobe. Increasing the growth performance of shrimp and digestive enzyme activity, and the function of the immune system of rainbow catfish, improve the weight of Chinese velvet crab larvae.

PHB also improves the survival rate of Rochena shrimp larvae, blue mussel larvae and Nileo non -fish juvenile.

PHB can not only affect marine creatures, but also affect large livestock. Because the composition of the feed will affect the large -scale livestock’s intestinal bacterial community, which will affect its health.

In summary, PHB has no adverse effects on the growth of common land animals such as marine animals such as big yellow croakers and sensitive weaned pigs. In the future, the plastic made of PHB may include its cluster PHBV and P3HB4HB, which can be used as animal feed additives again. To better, plastic made of natural PHA materials can replace petrochemical plastics to avoid marine or land animals and died of plastic packaging garbage by mistake.

Based on the synthesis and application example of the natural PHA material platform, we believe that this new material platform is like a sleeping giant and has a good prospect.

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