Mo Xing Stone Gan Gragon


【main ingredient】

Ephedra, almonds, licorice extracts, plate salamander extracts, orange bells extract, etc.


100 grams of mixed ingredients and drinking 300-350 catties.


This product has the four pharmacological effects of strong clearing heat, promoting lungs, rapid phlegm, relieving cough and asthma.After tens of thousands of clinical experiments, this product has the function of rapid effects on various respiratory diseases.


Poultry respiratory disease, infectious bronchitis, infectious laryngeal bronchitis, and multi -disease respiratory syndrome.



1. Poultry dyspnea, cough, snoring, asthma, sneezing, runny nose, eyelid swelling and other composite chronic respiratory diseases.

2. There are special effects such as pork asthma, infectious pleurisy, atrophic rhinitis, pneumonia, and chronic respiratory tract infection.