Where is a pit one is the quasi-inferior sun?


“Breaking this film” is ZOL-Automotive Technology’s recent column. From this issue, we will tell the netizens from products, industries, channels, to those things about car foils. Although the film seems to be ordinary, there are many things you don’t know, and today the film has many high-tech techniques to make you big fell. As long as you insist on reading all articles, I believe that you will have a detailed understanding of the knowledge of the car foil.

Through the previous previous content, many people may want to know how to distinguish the quality of the film. No problem, this period is full of dry goods! Therefore, we specialize in consult a professional car beauty store owner, and our friends, let experts tell us how to distinguish. After reading this article, I will say goodbye from this!

In fact, everyone also knows, a penny, but I want to know, the 2000 yuan film and the 5,000 yuan film have different differences, and the difference is the difference. No problem, after reading the content, you understand anything.

After our consultation, although the boss of the beauty store is the old fritter of the film, he still can’t do the distinction of the naked eye, so we don’t touch the film, or don’t want to distinguish with the naked eye, then don’t understand ? No, there is instrument to help us. It is the solar membrane transmittance tester.

Taobao also has this thing, the price is about 500 yuan, but our individual is not necessary to buy this. In fact, what I want to say is that the film store should have this instrument, because it is not a big one, how much is more cost.

Go to the film store, ask him if he has this instrument, tested it up, no this instrument is definitely a non-professional place, or it is a guilty, you can consider the place. Below I will teach everyone how to use this instrument.

First we see this instrument, it has three indicators above, which are ultraviolet transmittance, visible light transmittance, infrared transmittance, and ultraviolet, visible light, and infrared light is also the three parts of the sun. Therefore, this three indicators use these three indicators to measure the advantages and disadvantages of the membrane.

一坑一个准 优劣太阳膜究竟差在哪?

How to see the number reading: Since the instrument is measured by the pass rate, the ultraviolet rays should look at the barrier rate, so I should lose the reading; visible to the pass rate, no 1 minus; infrared barrier rate, also use 1 minus degree.

The boss gave us two different quality, and it is already tearing the film. He first let us smell, everyone knows that my expression will know, the inferior film is stinky, and the quality of the film is nothing. Odor.

Then we test the indicators of the two membranes with the instruments to see what difference.


Ultraviolet barrier rate

Visible pass rate

一坑一个准 优劣太阳膜究竟差在哪?

Infrared barrier rate

Inferior film




Excellent film



一坑一个准 优劣太阳膜究竟差在哪?


一坑一个准 优劣太阳膜究竟差在哪?

Look at this form, it can be easily seen. The excellent film is more than 99% for ultraviolet horizes, while only 50% remaining in the inferior film; the pass rate of visible light, excellent film also has a big advantage; The infrared barrier rate is equally bad film. It can be said that it seems to be inoperable, it may be the same before it is discounted, but the actual measurement is really large. Moreover, the decline of inferior film is very serious, so I really recommend it away from it.

In addition to this instrument, we also have another instrument to measure indicators. This time we test the new film, see what is different. We use the infrared lamp to illuminate the film, because the infrared rays also have a certain thermal energy, so this reading can also reflect the effect of heat insulation to a certain extent. The reading is: IR W / M, meaning the unit / m.

一坑一个准 优劣太阳膜究竟差在哪?

For example, this film of 3M, it has a total insulation rate, and the total heat absorption of different films is different. Let’s take a look at all, through a single layer glass, it is 1038, then we use the lamp to illuminate the film’s glass, test a few, can see the gap or quite large.

Film film specifications (total heat insulation)

No film


一坑一个准 优劣太阳膜究竟差在哪?


一坑一个准 优劣太阳膜究竟差在哪?


Price (price, does not represent transaction price)

1780 yuan

1980 yuan

一坑一个准 优劣太阳膜究竟差在哪?

3280 yuan

Instrument reading (smaller, better)

一坑一个准 优劣太阳膜究竟差在哪?





It can be seen that if it is a film, what kind of film is sticked, and the effect is not small for the actual performance. And in the actual feeling, if the sun is strong, no film is sitting in the front row, there will be a roar feel, but a better film, this feeling is much smoldering.


一坑一个准 优劣太阳膜究竟差在哪?

: Today, it is to share some dry goods about car foils. Let us know that the car foil seems to be a lot of mystery. And our own film, you have to leave a heart, try to choose a regular beauty shop, let them detect whether their film is up to standard. If you can make sure the film is genuine, a penalty of a penny is equally applicable here, then even if it is a point, it is not a loss, after all, it is really useful.