Can I clean the engine compartment every day? How to clean up internal clay? Pay attention to these matters


When the car is used for a while, the car will accumulate a certain amount of dust or debris, such as the poor environment for parking or too long parking. Now self -service car washing is more common, and there are many steps and precautions on the Internet. Everyone starts to clean the car by themselves. The car body is well cleaned, there are not many precautions, but the engine compartment is the core part of the entire car, which is combined by the mechanical part and the electronic part.

When the engine is operating at high temperature, the accumulated mud and debris will inevitably produce odor, so many friends will clean the engine compartment. If friends who do not clean up, I recommend going to the store to wash, because it is not handled, it will cause engine failure or circuit short circuit. Cleaning the engine compartment is a pipeline where the water rifles, the rate of fire, and the amount of water are controlled by the water gun. Be careful not to enter the water. Electronic equipment can be used for waterproof measures. The engine compartment can be washed with water.


But when rinse, you cannot be in the hot car. Rinse with water when the engine is operated at high temperature. There will be a large amount of water vapor, which will be easily caused by the short circuit of the circuit into the electronic equipment. The engine fails. It is recommended to rinse under the state of the engine that does not work. The second point is to avoid rinse the condenser directly with water guns.


When rinse, pay attention to the rinse angle. You must rinse from the front of the condenser. You cannot rinse from the side. Avoid the aluminum sheet of the condenser. The crooked aluminum sheet will affect the heat dissipation of the engine and even cause the air conditioning system to fail. Third, check whether the circuit has done waterproof work. Although there have been waterproof measures in the new vehicle circuits in recent years, it may be loose after a period of driving, so it is necessary to check it clearly.

In the fourth point, do not touch the spark plug. If there is a water steam into the spark plug, the car will not be able to beat. If there are spark plugs that have been replaced before, then there will be some gaps around the new spark plugs.


In the fifth point, vehicles with a large number of vehicles are not recommended to wash with water. Because the vehicle has been used for too long, the pipeline of the protection line in the engine compartment will be aging, and if the parking environment is not good, there may be some small animals to bite the line pipeline. Therefore, the vehicle with a longer use time, Meow Brother recommends not to rinse with water, just clean it with a air gun.

After understanding the matters that you need to pay attention to when you understand the cleaning engine, how do I clean the engine? First, cover the line, driving computer, battery, fuse box, and brake oil. Water shields and condenser under the windshield can be rinsed directly with water. The line is recommended to wipe with a wet towel to avoid contact with high -pressure water guns as much as possible.


For places with more dirt, you can spray more cleaning agents and clean it with a brush. After cleaning the high -pressure water gun, use a air gun to dry the engine cabin. When cleaning the engine compartment, just pay attention to the above precautions, in fact, you can also clean the engine compartment. Car is one of the important tools for our travel. We often go in and out of various places. After experiencing the wind and sun, the moderate amount of cleaning the car will extend the life of the car.