In addition to birds, what are the top ten top jacket brands?


The history of the jacket can be traced back to nearly 500 years ago. The Eskimos living in North American Extreme Cold Area made a warm double -layer clothing with two animal skin with two animal skin, which can be isolated and waterproof.


Until the beginning of the 20th century, it was only the prototype of the jacket. In recent years,

The outdoor trend in the fashion industry is getting bigger and bigger. A 50 -year -old outdoor enthusiast and the only thing of a 20 -year -old trendy person are estimated to have the same jacket.

All this is from outdoor brand

For unusual obsession with practical details, major brands realize that clothing is more than just the simple meaning of “good -looking”, such as pockets in the jacket, pull rope, pull rope, and

Tape joints, etc.

The zipper intensity on the jacket is the weakest part of the whole piece of clothes. A good charge will be equipped with waterproof rubber zipper pockets, which can lock rainwater outside.

There is a drawing rope at the hem of the clothes, and there are two drawers on the hood (one is used to adjust the size of the hats from the back, and the other is used to reduce and increase the diameter of the facial opening). Essence

What are the types of jackets?

The following three mainstream charge clothes are divided into three types:

Hard -shell jacket/soft shell jacket/three -in -one charge jacket


Hard -shell jacket:

Usually the jacket in the sense is hard shell, windproof, waterproof and wear -resistant, technology research and development fabric, hard feel, warm -keeping performance is not as good as soft shell, suitable for most outdoor environments.


Soft shell jacket:

Wind -proof and warm, good breathability, and not sweltering, have a certain abrasion resistance. The disadvantage is that the waterproofness is not as good as hard shell, and it is suitable for daily commuting.

Three -in -one charge:

Single -piercing jacket can prevent wind and rain. Therefore, the combination of internal and external internal and external can cope with more complicated weather. The only disadvantage is that it is slightly inconvenient to carry.

The main point of buying the jacket?


A large part of the charge of the charge of the jacket looks at the material, and the material is the four indicators of windproofing/heating/waterproof/breathability.

The performance of windproof is divided into different fabrics into

① Wind -proofing of coating fabrics ② Wind -proof of high -level density fabrics ③ High -tech fabric windproof.

For waterproof fabrics, different waterproof grades can be provided according to different fabric manufacturers, such as the waterproofness of the highest-end GORE-TEX fabric reached 20000mmh₂o.


Because the fabrics and technology of these four functions are too deep, I will sort it in the next part. Old iron that needs the old iron can leave a message to interact.

In addition to birds, what are the top ten top jackets?


One: Hagl 火fs match stick


The bad weather is no stranger. Maybe this is why they are so good at making rain -proof clothes. For example


This Swedish outdoor brand is known for its innovative method of drying. The streamlined tailoring, technical details and excellent functions are standard configurations of the brand. The design of the jacket is combined with more than several GORE-TEX fabrics to improve its performance.




The Arit Bird is Tesla in the technical jacket industry. Advanced to fun is leaked from District 5, and the corresponding price is not cheap.


However, if you are willing to take risks, you will understand why the best climbing athletes, outdoor geeks and athletes like this minimalist Canadian brand than anyone else. Their production focuses on details, but remove unnecessary gimmicks and top materials as standards.

3: Patagonia Batayonia

Want to keep dry and support the sustainability of environmentalism? A GORE-TEX jacket from Batayonia.

For a long time, this California outdoor brand has been known for its extremely implementing environmental protection concept technology. And the design is also very retro style, which may be suitable for you.



The north face north

For decades, this California brand has been producing waterproof windproof jackets. For many years, this brand has received the support of many trendy brands.

For example, Supreme, a long-term cooperative skateboarding brand, and the purple label of North Face (a Japanese branch line with GORE-TEX enthusiast Nanamica). If you are looking for a fashionable and functional assault jacket, TNF is a good starting point.




Japan, which is obsessed with outdoor and trend, is a brand that is highly praised by its ingenious integration of leisure and technology.

The key item of the brand is their jacket. These jackets are usually made of top-grade fabric-TEX and uses extremely functional technologies. They can withstand any extreme weather outdoor, but they will not appear incompatible in the bar.




The top Swiss brand is a luxury brand corresponding to the sports industry, similar to LV.


The material is also selected from the top Windstopper belongs to 100%windproof, and the waterproof of Goer-TEX fabric is not needed. It is more suitable for camping and extreme outdoor sports.



RAB from the United Kingdom is the largest outdoor brand in the local area, and it also uses minimalist design style.

The three layers of Event fabrics are used for lightweight mountain climbing and mild summer climbing.

8: Marmot Turkish Mouse

Marmot, one of the three outdoor outdoor in North America, has always been a traditional strength in the soft shell charge. The waterproof and breathable level can reach 20,000+. The windproof cap can also be equipped with a convenient windproof draw on the bottom of the helmet, which can be easily adjusted.


9: Mountain Hardwear Mountain Hao


Large screws, former top American outdoor brands, have been acquired by Columbia. The product line is complete, the fabric has high technology, excellent performance, Shanhao’s hard shell, fleece still has certain fans, the most important thing is that there are often discounts.

10: Klättermusen climbing mouse

Also from Sweden from Nordic,

The top climbing brand in 1984 is better. Although it is positioned outdoors, the high price comes from asymmetric design and full personalization.

In addition, waterproof indicators can reach 20000mm, and the breathability indicators are high.


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