How much do you know about the meaning of the high emerald?


Bamboo is a native plant in China, which also looks like the quality of the Chinese people. It is one of the three friends and the four gentlemen. The ancients chanting bamboo poems have a lot of poems. It can be seen that bamboo has been loved by the Chinese people since ancient times. Bamboo also implies its development and rising step by step. Another meaning of bamboo report

The highly classic realistic style of the jadeite festival is the most traditional style. It is simple and generous. It uses the simplest and most direct attitude to express the charm of bamboo festivals.


, Wide with the appropriateness of nature. The bamboo body is straight, rather than bending, saying


Although bamboo has bamboo, it does not stop, saying

Forge ahead

; Bamboo is straight and middle, with a lapse of valley, saying


; Bamboo has a deep flower buried, and the faces are facing the sky, saying



; Bamboo flowers in a lifetime, and there is no regret for death, saying


; Zhuyu Zhu is in the wind, standing in the sky, saying


Although the bamboo is said to be Zhuer, it doesn’t seem to be loose, saying

Good group

; Bamboo texture is still stones, which can be made into a device, saying




Adhere to

; Zhu Zaiwen has passed on to the world, worked hard, and said

Take responsibility for


The style inlaid with precious metals: The combination of high emerald festivals and precious metals is a fashion and classic tribute, gorgeous but not publicity.


The style of relief and hollowing out: relief and hollow emeralds are high and more three -dimensional. Like four seasons Changchun


In traditional Chinese culture, bamboo represents the vitality of life, simple and generous but not losing its grace, not only to make the wearer highlight the graceful and luxurious temperament, but also reflect the character of the bamboo festival. Strong vitality and straightforward pride.


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