Ao velvet high -necked bottom shirt, simple production. Make two sets for each of them, and say it is too comfortable to wear


This year’s winter is really extremely cold, especially today, the wind blue warning, listening to the sound of the wind feel cold.


The cotton knitted bottoming shirt made for the child before, it feels very thin.

I chose to make another set for the children with Osdao. Olympic fabric, fleece on both sides, soft and comfortable, it feels warm when wearing it. The children say that it is really comfortable and wearing it directly.


Let’s take a look at the style renderings

This is the smallest, 90 yards suitable for babies over 1 year old to wear


The previous segmentation seam is not designed, because the fabric is not stitched, I think it looks good.


These two are large, 110 and 150 yards

The above were taken when they were just done. Because it was made by a flat machine, it was a bit deformed on the side. It’s very flat if it is a little hot

Today I want to share with you 110 yards of tailoring, suitable for babies with a height of about 40 pounds. About 4 and a half years old


Cut the drawing drawing unit: CM

You can also make 1.5cm in front and back 2cm.

This version of the collar requires the elasticity of the fabric. If the fabric is not elastic enough, it is not recommended to do this

Need other numbers, which can be pushed to push the board with a file difference of 1cm length 1cm 1cm shoulder width 1cm sleeve length 1cm.


If you want to learn more children’s clothing version, you can click the circle card below to enter the circle to start learning from the most basic children’s clothing prototype

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Sewing process and sewing process


Olympic velvet fabric is a double -sided -sided hairy high -bomb knitted fabric. The surface is soft and comfortable, and the high -elastic properties make the activity unlimited. Demo -four -wire machine is generally sewn during production. But many family handmade enthusiasts have only a flat machine, and you can choose to use a stretch line and you can do it.

The sewing principle of the four -wire machine is that it can be sewned, and the sewing thread is pulled hard.

The edge of this Olympic fabric will not take off the line, so it is also possible to do it without the edge. Personally, it is more comfortable to wear on the edges.

Use the elastic line to sew, pull the fabric to do it during the suture, and finally use the hot fight to return to the position. The effect is also very good, so the flat machine can also be used.

Sewing process: This is one of the remaining cloth heads. The front film is not enough, so I spliced ​​it.

The following picture effect is the effect outside. It is the light edge, so it is the same comfortable as the whole piece of dressing.

The Z -character line outside is the drawing line of my flat machine seam, that is, it can be fixed on the side of the seam and plays a decorative role. I personally feel pretty good.

After the stitching into the whole film, you can sew the shoulder sewing first


Switch between the sleeve cage and the sleeve mountain. After the suture, the two lengths should be consistent, and the suture is flattened.

Switting the bottom of the sleeve, and the front and rear seams

This is the effect of stitching

Fold the hem and cuffs directly, and suture can be sutured


The effect of suture is like this

There is no difficulty in making the whole clothes. If you like it, you can try it. If you do n’t understand

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