What do you think of a faucet in public places?


“Washing hands looks small, but it is closely related to public health and safety, and it cannot be ignored.” Li Feng, full -time deputy chairman of the Municipal Committee of the Jiu San Society, said. Compared with the traditional spinning and pressing water faucet, the inductive faucet is more hygienic and more convenient. In the past few days, the reporter visited the toilet in many public places in Sucheng, listening to the citizens’ views and suggestions for changing sensor -like faucets.

Phenomenon: Traditional faucet penetration rate is high

On August 23, the reporter visited places with large traffic in Suzhou University, stations, hospitals, supermarkets, etc., to learn about the use of traditional water faucet and inductive faucet for public sink. In the public toilet near the Agricultural Road and Shunhe Road, the rotary tap is installed. After washing the hands, it needs to be touched; while in the public toilet in parks such as Martyrs Cemetery, Binhe Park, it is installed. The faucet, the tourists are washed away, and there is no need to contact the switch directly. On the first floor of the Municipal People’s Hospital, although the “Six Step Rugging Method” was posted to inform the public how to wash their hands correctly, they still used the dragon head. Primary and secondary schools are no exception. During the visit, many primary and secondary school students told reporters that their schools use rotary twisting or pressing water faucets.

Viewpoint: Sensitive water faucet installed management and maintenance, you must keep up with

The reporter randomly interviewed several citizens to learn about their views on the penetrating sensory faucet.

“I think it is good or bad for changing sensor water faucets. The advantage is that it is convenient, safe and healthy after it is replaced. Essence

The security guard Lao Chen, the 11th Middle School in Suzhou City, is very agreed with the replacement of the inductive faucet. He said that the clean and hygiene of the sensor faucet can bring great convenience to students, and strongly support the popularization of such faucets on campus.

College student Wang Mou said that changing the faucet in public places is conducive to avoiding cross -transmission of bacteria, but he believes that this faucet is more likely to damage than traditional faucets. He once encountered the situation of “no water reaching out and washing loneliness”. Therefore, he suggested that after installation, the later maintenance must be followed in time.

Looking forward to: crowd -intensive places are popular with induced water faucets as soon as possible

Li Feng, the full -time deputy chairman of the Municipal Committee of the Jiu Sanxue Society, told reporters: “I once saw a person who saw the empty mineral water bottle in the north of Anhui, and put some tap water on the table, and then washed the faucet with the faucet and closed the faucet. After that, he finally rushed his hand with the water in the mineral water bottle. The man explained that he did not want to use the washed hand to turn off the faucet and worry about bacteria. “Li Feng realized that now the public’s public health awareness is gradually becoming stronger and stronger. And many contact traditional water faucets have caused many citizens.

Therefore, Li Feng and his colleagues thought of the feasibility of popularized sensor faucets in our city. Although the overall cost is slightly higher than that of the traditional faucet, the installation is simple, the use is safe, and it can save water. He told reporters: “I hope that our city’s key places can change the faucet and provide citizens with a better public health environment.”

Reporter Zhao Miao Miao intern Lou Xiao Li Weijie