Fun car stickers big collection, are you seeing the first few laughs?


Nowadays, many owners are in order to pursue personality, buy all kinds of stickers, posted behind, in order to show their own personality, come to remind the back of the car, I think of two effects, but some car stickers are too personal, some Even caught the attention of the traffic police, this is not worthless, next to Xiaobian to introduce you a few fun car stickers, are you seeing the first few laughs?

Female driver is cute, the female driver’s car stickers are more cute. Look at this creative car sticker, it is clearly telling you that the driver is a “female magic”, but also this is the first year of this female driver driving, is this is vivid and interesting?

Jaguar’s car logo is often played, and there is an owner to put a small dress when the owner is in winter, and this tail will become “we walk, puma” to see this estimated our leopard Hummer brand is also very helpless.


Eating chicken is really red, all lol all lol in the Internet cafes becomes eating chicken, this Fly owner has made a chicken in his own rear window, no virtuality, I hope he can eat chicken every day. No plug-in.

The owner added 4×4 to the 4X4, which is equivalent to 15, and the brain opening is opened. It is estimated that you don’t dare to take the wrong 4X4 in this life. Otherwise, Mom wants to enjoy the ear.

It can be said that it is quite expressive and magic. I am really not playing. Compared to a general internship label, I really want more practical results.


Looking far away, what is the vehicle color of this paralyce? I want to open!


Xiaobian reminds everyone that car stickers can show the ownership of the owner, but only correct, civilized use of car stickers can reasonably, and legally demonstrate the taste and individuality of the owner. Pursuing personality is a critical condition of people, be sure to comply with traffic rules.

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