What are the common lights of urban outdoor landscape lighting projects?


With the acceleration of the pace of modern cities, government departments attach great importance to urban leadership

Urban lighting project

Many cities are undergoing different degrees of lighting construction to create high -quality nightlife for people. The application of lighting technology in illuminating projects tends to be technical.

The LED city lighting project should be combined with urban planning. According to the characteristics of urban, the overall planning of urban lighting development should be formulated, the focus and characteristics of urban lighting should be highlighted, the city’s bright environment management is strengthened, and the light environment functions are divided.

Therefore, the lamps required for lighting projects in different local environments are also different; then what are the commonly used lamps in outdoor lighting projects?

Lighting engineering lamps are divided into two categories: functional lighting and artistic effect lighting.


I. Functional lighting fixtures are: street lights, high rod lights, courtyard lights, solar street lights, urban smart street lights.


Their main function is to provide professional lamps for basic lighting. In addition to considering energy saving and life span in street lighting, the control of dazzling light is the focus of our lighting design.

Second, art effect lamps are mainly: golden halogen, sodium lamps, LED shooting lights,

LED wall lamp

As well as

LED line lamp,

LED point light sources, corrugated lights, underwater lights, lawn lights, landscape lights, buried lights, etc.


1. Direct lighting lamps: The light is shot through the lamp, and 90%-100%of the light flux reaches the assumption surface. This lighting method is direct lighting. This lighting method has a strong contrast of light and dark, and can cause interesting and vivid light and shadow effects, which can highlight the dominant position of the working surface in the entire environment. However, due to the high brightness, the emergence of glare should be prevented. Such as factories, ordinary offices, etc., such lamps are mainly golden halogen lamps.

2. LED shooting lights, LED wall lamps, LED line lights, and LED displays are mainly suitable for night scene lighting such as architecture, landscape, gardening. They have a long life, variable color, and low energy consumption.

3. Most of the underwater lights and lawn lamps are suitable for outdoor garden landscapes. Capture lights can provide appropriate basic lighting. It is also important to choose the shape and architectural style of the lawn lights.

Urban landscape lighting lighting is the need for social and economic development and business competitiveness. The colorful and layered lighting environment can reflect the different regional differences in the city and make the city more attractive and the times; especially the bright lighting lighting of urban landscapes with distinct themes, it has the future development and economic benefits of leisure tourism cities Improvement also has a positive impact. This can not only attract a large number of domestic and foreign tourists, but also improve the reputation of the city; if it involves many major activities, it often reflects the overall strength of the country and the city.