Is the ankle sprained easily? Socks cannot be ignored! Try this stressful socks, dot -glue design, not slipping the soles of the feet, not damaging exercise


Ankle sprains may happen anytime, anywhere, playing basketball, playing football, climbing, Mara, etc. During exercise, you must pay attention to protect your ankle!

You must know that ankle sprains are the highest incidence of exercise damage!

During sprains, joint swelling and pain occur locally. In severe cases, it may even cause fractures, or cause ankle habitual sprains!

In the saying goes, lameness will become normal, which will affect normal walking!

Because of this, whether it is a runner or a golf friend pays more attention to the choice of sneakers! But if you only know how to work on your shoes, then OUT!

Socks are closer to our feet than shoes, so when it comes to protection, the socks are the first guard!

A pair of good sports socks are even more essential! Thousands of miles of daily miles need to be rely on good horses, and sports field hegemony is indispensable for good shoes and socks!

High -quality cushioning compressed socks

Thicked and put on the feet, 3 pairs of special preferences


As we all know, a pair of good sneakers must have good wrapping and good buffer to protect the athlete’s ankle.

In the same way, the choice of socks is the same!

Professional sports socks should also pay attention to wrapping and buffering!

The choice of socks cannot be ignored!

So how to choose a good pair of sports socks?

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Xiaobian teaches you to analyze from the aspects of materials, workmanship, and role! Learn to see these aspects, you will be able to choose sports socks with the most powerful and most cost -effective performance!



Look at the materials and see the quality

The use of good materials is the foundation of creating boutiques. There is no good material, and good products cannot be mentioned.

The principle of professional sports socks protecting the ankle is: using the high elasticity of elastic fabrics to generate buffer to reduce the pressure of the ankle when the jump running.

At present, there is a combined fabric on the Lycarto rubber+high -density knitted knitted fabric, which combines the advantages of Laika rubber band and high -density knitting, and has the performance of abrasion -resistant and long -lasting.

Sports socks using this fabric are often durable, as well as high elasticity to provide wearer with buffer and protection!

Ordinary fabrics often lack elasticity, small knitted density, and are easy to deform, and cannot provide effective protection for wearers.

Therefore, when choosing sports socks, we must pay attention to the fabrics used by the product, so that good fabrics can give us a good sense of wear and proper protection.

2 From the data, the quality

Buying socks often see the label similar to “40d+144 stitches”. Do you feel confused?

The following editors will give you a popular science to everyone, and we can choose high -performance sports socks when reading it!

D is a unit. We read as Dan or Danny. He is used to express the performance of long fiber. The higher the value of the D value, the thicker the needle, the higher the number of pins, the thicker the needle, the better the effect of resisting the ball!

Professional sports socks: 70d+200 stitches

Ordinary sports socks: 40d+144 stitches

In this comparison, it is easy for us to see that professional sports socks are better than ordinary sports socks. Where is the advantage?

Professional sports socks have slender fiber fiber, with fewer hair feathers, and the surface is smooth and smooth as satin, and the effect is good!

And ordinary sports socks are rough, with many hairs, rough surfaces, and are easy to damage and get the ball.

Therefore, you must choose professional sports socks with high D -value, dense needle, and less Mao Yu to get a comfortable sense of wear.

3 From workmanship, performance

Good wrapping is the first criterion for professional sports socks!

If you want to achieve good wrapping, the rigorous requirements of details are indispensable. Only the design of ergonomics can perfectly fit the curve of the foot, and to achieve more comfortable high -bomb compression force.

“Although it is not overwhelmed” is the most perfect word describing wrapping.

The arch of the arch, the Achilles tendon, and the ankle can feel the tight wrap, not the monotonous and tightness, but the most comfortable and soft reinforcement!

The difference between professional sports socks and ordinary socks is obvious here. Compared with professional sports socks, wearing ordinary socks is like a small sacks covered with feet. Professional sports socks are like high -end custom clothes on the foot. , It is a stylish and fit professional equipment designed according to every curve of the foot.

4 From the details, the quality

• No sense of sewing head

There is no sense of sewing head, contour design, and each foot has its own socks. Make the head of the socks more flat, the integrated design without splicing, and more firm and durable!

• Moisturizing and moisturizing

The fabric is thick, but not stuffy and stinky. By breathable heat dissipation, the summer is also refreshing and zero pressure, changing shoes in front of everyone, don’t worry about the smell difficult to hide.

• Thickened socks

The bottom of the socks is thick, the feet feel softer and comfortable, and each foot is soft and gentle, and it has since fallen in love with walking.

• Anti -slip glue point

Anti -slip glue design to avoid sneaking feet secretly in the shoes. Let the socks stick with your shoes firmly, the feet are not slippery in the shoes, and it is easier to control the audience!

• Moderate socks

The good socks are not loose, and the body curve is perfectly fitted. Too pine socks are easy to curl, and too tight socks will leave marks, which is really uncomfortable. Socks are a detail that is easy to be ignored but affects quality!

Xiaobian’s mid -tube sports socks for everyone, perfect the above four points! It is a rare high -quality professional sports socks!

It uses the combination of Lyca rubber band plus density knitting

, Lasting durability, vividly played back! It has reached the standard of professional sports socks. Wearing it on the feet is soft and comfortable, gently wrap your feet, providing a full range of protection.

The workmanship can stand the assessment of the growth time, and every detail is worn on the feet. High bomb high compression force 3D three -dimensional package, and also accurately distinguish the cushioning module. Wearing it on the sports field to fight the Quartet, no longer have to worry about injury.

Although the socks are thick, the breathability is not reduced. It will not be sweaty and not stinky at any time throughout the year!

Distinguish the left and right foot contour design, no sense of sewing head, comfortable and durable, cutting -edge craftsmanship!

The bottom of the socks point the glue design, firmly grab your shoes, order the glue sports socks, and do not slip your feet.

Moderate mouth of the socks, do not leke legs, do not roll on the edge, fit the foot curve to give you a perfect experience!

There are many colors to choose from!

High -quality cushioning compressed socks

High -quality cushioning compressed socks

High -quality cushioning compressed socks

Thicked and put on the feet, 3 pairs of special preferences

Thicked and put on the feet, 3 pairs of special preferences

Thicked and put on the feet, 3 pairs of special preferences