The Cai Shaofen family returned to Shanghai in five years. Mother -in -law walked through the runway, and Zhang Jin was the father and mother.


After the beginning of the spring, I can still feel the strength of winter. Now the wearing this season still maintains full of deep winter characteristics. Therefore, the cotton clothing that takes a practical route is still the daily main building. After returning to Hong Kong, Cai Shaofen returned to Shanghai after five years. Mother -in -law seemed to go to the catwalk. Zhang Jin was a father and mother!

Cai Shaofen Airport Style: 1. Domestic down jacket, design trendy


The reason why domestic goods break through the international big -name fashion barriers are highly sought after by celebrities in the circle. In addition to their own national pride, they are also inseparable from their own design and texture progress. Cai Shaofen and the two daughters have appeared in the modeling of domestic products. The affordable items can meet the needs of more crowds. At the same time, the design of the version is also relatively tolerant. Just to

Emphasizing the main wearing and texture, the price and design concepts have a wide range of mass foundations



It is worth noting that the improvement of the design of the brand of domestic products


Speaking of fashion brands, the fashion circle has been a long time in the unique foreign brand. Now the progress of design has finally broken the limitations of the circle. Like Cai Shaofen’s down jacket, it has a breakthrough in the version and color. It completely broke the impression of domestic goods. The popular tie -dye elements combined with the jacket version design, completely breaking the bloated problem, the whole style showed a tough and handsome sense.

2. Emphasize seasonal adaptability


1. Seasonal sense of style

, The effect of the shape of the shape is directly related to the sense of parcel, so the practical down jacket in winter is basically a medium -length design that emphasizes the sense of wrapping, but the characteristics of the style also directly strengthen the expansion effect of the fabric. It is undoubtedly a bit too out of the sense of season, so Cai Shaofen chose a short jacket style to show the seasonal adaptability. The most intuitive feeling is to reduce the package effect and emphasize the avant -garde aesthetic vision of the leading season. Quantity to strengthen the seasonal adaptability of the shape. Get rid of the dependence of the down jacket on the profile element and break the problem of lazy and bloated, and it looks more vivid and more personalized in style presentation.


2. Seasonal sense of color,

In addition to the style, under the influence of the traditional aesthetic concept, color can also show a strong sense of seasonal sense, such as caramel, coffee color and other autumn and winter colors, which is the most seasonal color. Compared with the dark colors of winter emphasizing practicality, the refreshing color is more likely to highlight the effect of spring. Use the light color system to make the main color, which breaks the dullness of winter. As far as Cai Shaofen is concerned, the color of the coat is not clear and fresh, but it is rich at the level of the pattern, breaking the dull and suppressing atmosphere of pure black system, and at the same time ensure the non -clutter effect of neutral color matching, it can be better. The superposition effect of the age of the year.

Third, the rationality of matching

1. Upper Panasonic Breakthrough Breakthrough Bonding

Because of the characteristics of the fabric, the winter coat has a strong sense of dependence on the silhouette element. Skin models like Cai Shaofen break the silhouette shackles. Therefore, when the matching, it also got rid of the “upper width and tight” matching limit, and the “upper Panasonic wide” combination has a tested body test. While exposing Cai Shaofen’s high -thin body advantage, it also directly shifted the focus to the proportion presentation. At the same time, at the same time, at the same time Highlight the proportion effect of the light -colored and dark coat of the whole body, and the effect of rolling and freeness is almost like walking on the catwalk.

2. Personalized single product matching


The basic model mainly emphasizes versatile and practicality. If you want to sublimate the fashion effect, you also need to start with personalized items. Like Cai Shaofen’s water shoes and short boots, color selection and style design are also very breakthrough, and it has also become styling matching. A bright spot. It is worth noting that the method of deliberately setting up the ankle, get rid of the infinitely enlarged expansion problem of the straight down and down version. At the same time, it also allows style to form a fashion effect of mutual assistance.

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