World Strange Grape -Gaoshan Grape


World Strange Grape -Takayama Grape (East Asian Specup Grape Series)

Takayama Grape

Born in Takayama alone, climbing the onion cage Mangshan forest.

A plant can cover one acre and expand the world.

Different rain and high temperature diseases are not born, and the garden is full of dark golden bells.

Hanging trees have nothing to fear, and the fragrance is superb.

On the mountains of Xuefeng Mountain in the south of my country, there are several large -scale wild grapes growing. After thousands of years of severe climate training, it has grown into a strong branch vine and leaf fruit. Being extinct, stubborn survival. It climbs ancient trees and rotten stones, stretching outward, with a single plant area of ​​more than 300 square meters, and three vines occupy an area of ​​more than one acre. Single grains have more than 20 cm. The inventory surprised the world.

Through multiple points of cultivation and observation, there are five characteristics of high mountain grapes and other grapes:


First, because of the original species of wild, one or two years of raw branches are densely spines, which is significantly different from ordinary grapes. The leaves are large and thick. The fruit does not need to be protected. High temperature, anti -drought, especially adapt to the planting in the southern regions of the vast high temperature and humidity in China. Of course, the north is also possible. Can be introduced vigorously. High resistance to the black acne, white rot, anthracnose, and powder disease of grapes have high resistance, and even rainy rain will not be affected. However, the leaves of the leaves are micro -sensor. Therefore, planting alpine grapes exempt from spraying.


Second, super rare planting, rapid growth. Only 10 plants are planted in the first year per acre, and all gardens can be covered in the second year. The diameter of the three-year trunk can reach 8.6-10 cm, which is rare in the world. After 4 years, only 5 plants are left per acre. Full Garden. Alpine grapes are easy to manage. Each labor can control more than 20 acres, saving employment and seedling investment. Furthermore, it is open under the greenhouse tree. You can raise chickens and ducks and plant shade -resistant flowers. It is an additional income.

An old farmer in Huaihua Mountains in the Montenegro, which was cultivated in the 96 -year -old Gynen 2 of Gynecs, has been 10 years this year. There are more than 10,000 yuan in annual income, and the price of some year is more than 15,000 yuan.

Third, ultra -high -yielding, using ultra -long tip trimming, the seedlings can form a high -yield tree shape.

Fourth, mature in late September, and the fruits are available in the air.

According to the experiment, it is better to keep its wild grapes in terms of wild grapes. At present, the rooting agent cutting is used, and the survival rate can reach more than 70%. Due to its well -developed branches, it can be trimmed every year.

According to the strong climbing capabilities of Gaoshan grapes, it can be used to cover the roof and plant a few plants, which can be climbed to the top of the 2-3 floors, which can cool down the roof to cool down, both beautify the environment and taste delicious grapes.


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