Volkswagen’s new golf GTI real car exposure!The size is lengthened, the shape of the ax is more sporty


The online car market has obtained a group of Volkswagen Golf GTI real pictures.The new car is based on the MQB EVO platform. The appearance uses the same design language as the eighth -generation golf, and is equipped with an iconic “Tomahawk” wheel, which is full of sports.The size of the new car has been lengthened slightly, and the power continues to use the current 2.0T engine. The main change is to upgrade to the national six -B emission standard.


The red decoration of the new golf GTI runs through the front of the car, extends to the LED light group, and surrounds the intake grille to be changed to a honeycomb style, which looks stronger.The tail adopts a two -sided two -out exhaust layout to further enhance the visual effect.In terms of power, the new car is equipped with the third -generation EA888 2.0T engine that meets the national six emission, with a maximum power of 162kW and a fuel consumption declaration value of 6.7L/100km.