Who is the king of square dance? Four mainstream outdoor speakers big PK!


Plaza dance has become the first choice of collective activities for middle -aged and elderly people. It usually appears in the form of collective dance. There are few participants and as many as hundreds of people. People usually gather on the square. The main purpose is to gather together. Strengthen your body, entertain your body and mind.

If you want to organize everyone to dance the square dance together, outdoor speakers with better quality must be essential: poor speaker sound quality, which will definitely affect everyone’s mood of dancing/appreciation of music; If you can’t listen to the rhythm of music, you can’t jump down with everyone; the speakers are inconvenient to carry, so the road where you move your speakers from home to the square every day must be very difficult; The music cannot be broadcast, and some dances may not be able to jump; the speakers are short in battery life, and the dance is gone before the dance is gone.

In addition to dancing square dance, outdoor speakers are often used in outdoor singing, event promotion, large -scale conferences, campus activities and other scenarios. Today, I searched the entire network and started four popular tie -type outdoor speakers. Below I use a comparative evaluation of them through multiple perspectives such as sound quality, volume, portability, compatibility, and functions. Let everyone know 4 products and see which one is more suitable for you.

↑ Bid green as a better item

Appearance & portable comparison


The four speakers are portable outdoor speakers equipped with trolley and wheels.

This kind of speaker is like a suitcase. We can go around, singing everywhere, and singing after connecting the microphone. (The premise is not to disturb the people)

If the portability of which products are evaluated are more prominent, in fact, the four products are also very different. It is specifically reflected in whether the wheels of the box are smooth, the length of the lever is smooth, and whether the speaker is lightweight.

Walkman D3-8 (hereinafter referred to as a stroll):

↑ The appearance of the stroll speaker is classic and calm, it looks more like a professional audio equipment


↑ Equipped with easy -to -pull handles, saving effort


Boutim Sheng QX-0820 (hereinafter referred to as Teme Sheng):


↑ The appearance design is fashionable, it looks more like a travel lever box

Wanlida M+9018s (hereinafter referred to as Wanlida):

↑ The design is slightly exaggerated

↑ Not equipped with easy -to -pull handles, only the top with 4 fingers, it is more laborious to carry

Xianke ST-1805U (hereinafter referred to as Xianke):

↑ The design style of the stroller is similar to the design style of professional audio


The wheel is one of the most consumed parts on this tie rod speaker. The sound of good wheels will be very small, and it is also very smooth and laborious. In addition, the diameter of the wheels and the distance between the box from the box are also very important. The larger diameter wheels are more passable and can easily press over the potholes.


Boutin uses rubber -made wheels. The other three speakers use plastic wheels, so only the wheels of the Comei speakers have a certain shock absorption, and the noise of its wheels is also the smallest.

I tested the smoothness of these 4 speaker wheels on the stone brick road. The rankings were: Time Sheng, Walkman, Pioneer, and Wanlida’s wheels are the dryness. It is easy to get through the pit Kankan. The other three products have a lot of distance from the ground, and the passability is not bad.

In terms of weight to a good ranking: stroll (7.6kg), Wanlida (7.9kg), Time Sheng (9kg), Pioneer (11kg).

Appearance & portable comparison summary:

The wheels of the pace are the smoky and the least noisy, so it is the most effort in the form of the “tie box”. And because the stroll speaker is the lightest, and it is equipped with a easy -to -pull handle, and the smoothness of the wheels is also good, so comprehensively, both the sound of the pace and the stroll win.

In terms of appearance, I personally think that the Xianke and the Walkman are more professional, while the Walkman’s brand is more well -known, and the recognition is higher and does not lose face.

Endurance Comparison

The stroll uses 18650 lithium battery packs, while the lithium battery has no charging memory, which can be used, and the weight is lighter and longer. Usually, it can recall more than a thousand times. Essence


The other three speakers use lead -acid batteries. The benefits of lead -acid batteries are that the price is cheaper, but the service life is short. Basically, it can only be charged hundreds of times. No.

↑ The lead -acid battery needs to be charged according to the “correct method”, which is more troublesome


In terms of battery life, I play the same song with a U disk cycle and test the battery life of 4 speakers with the same volume. The best battery life is the stroller, which can reach the official nominal nominal more than 9 hours. Followed by Pioneering, it can play for about 7 consecutive hours, and Wanlida is almost the same time for the same time, more than 6 hours, and Bet Meisheng is about 5 hours.

Summary of battery life comparison:

From the perspective of battery life, the stroll is full of electricity for 9 to 12 hours, and the battery life will win the other three speakers.

↑ The stroll adopts a 5V2A charging specification to support the power supply of the charging treasure for it

All 4 speakers support external power to expand the battery life. The stroller only needs 5V2A electricity, so you can use the power supply treasure to power it, which is more convenient. So comprehensive, the stroll wins in the comparison of battery life.

Comparison of audio input ability

Among the 4 speakers, the compatibility of Camem is the best, and you can take most of the commonly used music carriers. And the four speakers support the BT connection method, which can access portable devices such as mobile phones/tablets. Among them, the Bluetooth version of the stroll is BT4.1. The technology is more advanced and the sound quality is better.

It should be noted that only the four speakers do not support external guitar, and users with special needs should pay attention.

Summary of audio input capabilities:


Betmei wins! The other three products are also good.


Decoding performance contrast


I chose 3 common format songs and tested the audio decoding performance of 4 products in the way of input U disk.

The four speakers can well support the most common MP3 format music on the market (the music format downloaded by most music websites is MP3 format), and most of the songs have no pressure. And the two speakers of Bet Meisheng and Xianke can also support FLAC and WAV -free music playback. Wanlida and Walkman support MP3 and WAV format playbacks, but do not support the FLAC format songs.


Decoding performance test summary:

Bet Meisheng & Xianke wins!

Comparison of tuning function

The stroll D3-8 is the most abundant, but because it cannot be connected to the guitar, there is no guitar volume adjustment option. Other commonly used such as high bass adjustment, microphone volume, noise, limited microphone, and outdoor mode.


The microphone priority mode of the stroller is equivalent to opening a microphone to increase the function, which will automatically lower the volume of background music when speaking to make life more prominent in music; the interior mode emphasizes the balance of sound, suitable for the training of indoor listening living conferences, etc. ; Outdoor mode enhances the penetration of high -frequency sounds, suitable for opening on noisy outdoor, but it will slightly affect the sound quality.


Summary of the comparison of tuning function:

The stroll winner! The stroll has more humanely added the indoor outdoor mode. Users can further improve the volume output level of the speaker according to the use scenario, which is more advanced than the other three products.

Easy -to -use comparison:


The switch, control panel, mixer, display, and audio input interface of the stroll are set on the speaker. We can easily turn down to operate the speakers. This is easier for the elderly with poor legs and feet Use some.

In addition, the control panel of this speaker does not look complicated, which is also very friendly for novices, which can help people easily grasp the entire function of the speakers.

The switching and audio input interfaces of Boutin have been set on the side of the speaker, which usually requires people to squat down to operate.

Wanlida’s song console, U disk, and TF card audio input interface are placed on the speakers, and commonly used songs, tuning and other operations can be easily bent over.


Its tubing table is set on the back of the speaker. If you want to set high bass, microphone volume, and reverberation, people usually need to squat down to operate.


The switches, tuning stations and song consoles are integrated on the side, which requires people to squat down to operate.

Easy -to -use comparison summary:


The stroll wins! The stroll will simplify the complex control panel and integrate them to the upper part of the speaker. Users can easily adjust the volume adjustment and cut songs.

Sound comparison


Subjective audition experience


At the distance from the speaker 1250px, set the 4 speakers at the same pressure level (the highest level of human ear can accept the highest level), and place the high and low -frequency knobs in an unbridled gear. Play the same songs to listen to test testing The sound quality of the 4 speakers.

First of all, the best sound quality performance is the first subject, but it is the largest and the most heavy in the 4 speakers, but the sound is even more powerful, and the overall texture is relatively good. The feeling is mainly reflected in the clear drum point, the high frequency is natural, and its voice and musical instrument penetrate very strong. Even if you stand far away from the speaker, you can hear what the singer is singing.


In addition, the sound of good sound is a strolling. Don’t look at it a circle smaller than Xianke, but I did not expect it to have a “bright throat”. Its volume is very huge. It can exceed 100 decibels (equivalent to the loudness of large truck whistle).

Thanks to the high -frequency unit design of the horn design, the performance of high -frequency (vocal, musical instrument) is slightly stronger than the first subject, and it can also clearly distinguish what the singer is singing in a distance, but the low frequency sense is slightly worse than that Pioneer, it is better to surge in the first subject.


Wanlida and Betmei are almost at the same level. Basically, the level of the mobile playground broadcast speakers is very loud, but the sound of the sound is not enough. , Far less pleasant than the previous two.

Summary of sound quality comparison:

Due to the strong low frequency performance, the largest pioneer is slightly stronger than the stroll. The stroll also uses the compressed horn of the horn. The sound penetration of the sound is the strongest among the 4 products, and the sound texture is also very good. The performance of Wanlida and Bet Meisheng is more mediocre, less than the previous two.



The four speakers have a prominent point. If the comprehensive quality is concerned, the stroll D3-8 is the best of the four speakers. Although it is not often scored in various evaluations, it can also be ranked in a relatively dependence on a relatively dependent ones In the previous position, the comprehensive strength is outstanding, and the other three products also have their own advantages. Friends who like them can choose to buy according to their own needs.


↑ Equipped with easy -to -pull handles, saving effort

↑ Equipped with easy -to -pull handles, saving effort