Insior to the vehicle, you still haven’t miss it?


Since there is a car, today I get some decorations, put some emergency supplies tomorrow, I want to go to the car, I am afraid that there is nothing in the car. actually,


There is too much unnecessary thing in the car, which will not only increase the burden of the vehicle, but also affect the driving experience.



So, what is the necessary for the car, can make travel more comfortable, driving the quality of driving?

Let’s take a look at the old driver!



Driving recorder

Driving out the entangled traffic accident, accidentally being touched, inexplicably cut the body … At this time, the driving recorder is simply dedicated to the artifact.

I still remember that the Chongqing bus fell a few years ago, the original video shows that the shuttle bus hits a carrier driving the car and rushed out of the bridge, and the car was 13 people. If there is no black box that is saved by the search and rescue, the female driver is probably being questioned by public opinion.

The driving recorder is equivalent to the “black box” of the car, can record the whole process of driving, and the truth is restored.

Driving recorders are also used for the following emergency scenes:

1. After being touched by the Porcelain Party, the evidence of the record can avoid being fraud;


2. When parking, the body is shaved or lost, and it can provide evidence to recover the loss;

3. Self-driving tour uses memory recorders, but also marks the journey.

Usually, it is impossible to play an important role, but the driving recorder can be said to be the “Superman” class car must preparation.


Reflective vest & triangle warning sign

When the car leaves or other emergency situations, it cannot be safely stopped on the roadside. If you happen to be at night, or on the busy phase on the road, it is easy to happen other accidents. Therefore, the trunk must always prepare these two things –

Reflective vests and triangle warners can remind the driver to avoid driving.



Car safety hammer

The car safety hammer is an essential item that escapes and saving people when an emergency accident occurs.

Every year, the news that is trapped in the car is not seen in the car. When the vehicle enters the deep water area, the circuit will fail to lose the window, and the door does not open the door because the pressure of the outside is too large. At this time, the only way out is the window, and the safety hammer can greatly increase the chance of escape.

It is worth noting that when using a safety hammer, you should use its tip to tap four corners and break the whole glass.


Original vehicle manual

The car manual is a must-have for driving, used to find unfamiliar vehicle failure reasons.

When the car has a fault that is unfamiliar, the car manual is an understanding of the problem and solves the fastest way to fail. For example, a warning light in the dashboard is on, and it can be quickly identified from the manual, and it is possible to determine if there is any insurance aid, and the first time resolves the vehicle problem.


The car manual does not take space, it is best to put it enough to take advantage of it.


Pharmaceutical first aid kit


The drug first aid kit should be used to prevent infection and cleaning wounds.

A bandage, gauze, medical cotton swab, disinfection, and other first aid drugs should be provided in the first aid kit. Car owners with health problems, should also prepare for first aid drugs, such as heart disease, asthma spray, etc.


Car fire extinguisher

Many vehicles fire accidents, that is, the owner is suspected of fire extinguisher, and it is not ready to fire extinguish in time.

Car accidental fire will endanger life, and the trunk should prepare a bottle of car extinguisher to deal with.

The car exterior is mostly a dry powder fire extinguisher, and can only be used to destroy primary fires, and must be fired in time when there is a odor or smoke. In addition, the fire extinguisher is usually one year. You should pay attention to the expiration or agglomeration, make sure it will be used in it.

The above is the essential items shared today, and others can be prepared according to the needs of their own needs. Here, attention will be reminded, keep the car, and reasonably allocate the placement space on the car, so that they can play a role in critical moments. Hurry and check out!