How can I open the “short -sleeved shirt” fashionable?



老爹衫 or 工作服,如何才能时髦地打开「短袖衬衫」?

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Short -sleeved shirt

of. Even if the weather is hot, it is recommended that you choose a long -sleeved shirt and roll the cuffs a few times. In addition to safety, you can add a capable feeling.

老爹衫 or 工作服,如何才能时髦地打开「短袖衬衫」?

On the other hand, when it comes to short -sleeved shirts, when it comes to it, many people’s minds are the cadre old shirts, or the work clothes of McKen CP, giving people a very rigid and unpleasant impression.

老爹衫 or 工作服,如何才能时髦地打开「短袖衬衫」?

But some people hate that someone will like it. For those men who are too afraid of heat in the summer and do not want to roll the cuffs, how can they wear short -sleeved shirts fashionablely wearing the upper body and add fun? Today, let’s talk about it.

In fact, most people may not know that, now we have been disgusted with various disgusting short -sleeved shirts, and they are also popular on the streets that are favored by rebellious young people decades ago.

The initial short -sleeved shirt was equipped with a dress attribute, which can be traced back to the summer work uniforms sent by workers in the American factory during the Industrial Revolution. Later , Specialized as a uniform for employees.

老爹衫 or 工作服,如何才能时髦地打开「短袖衬衫」?

At the beginning, short -sleeved shirts were not treated by the upper class, because it labeled labor, and even wearing even in daily leisure. Until the 1950s, among many Hollywood movies, this prejudice has changed due to the interpretation of the film stars.

▲ In the 1955 movie “Giant Biography”, James Dien (first from the right) wearing a short -sleeved shirt+jeans

During the same period, the street culture of the bald party was very popular. As a group of workers’ class children, short -sleeved shirts and strap jeans and Martin boots became the iconic items for these young people to express their violence.

It is worth noting that although the shirt uniforms of many companies in summer are short -sleeved, it really does not match with the formal, and there is never any short -sleeved formal shirt. So if you want to attend a slightly formal occasion, no matter how hot you are, your long -sleeved shirt will be more decent.

老爹衫 or 工作服,如何才能时髦地打开「短袖衬衫」?

Short -sleeved shirt style

老爹衫 or 工作服,如何才能时髦地打开「短袖衬衫」?

How to wear short shirts, presumably some people will say irresponsible: they can wear handsome.

But this time, this “truth” does not seem to be light on the short -sleeved shirt. Even if you look handsome, if you just put it in, it feels like he is ten years old immediately.

The first step of wearing a short -sleeved shirt is also the same. It is to focus on choosing a good version, especially

老爹衫 or 工作服,如何才能时髦地打开「短袖衬衫」?

Shoulder line position

This is the key to your dad and dad.

Simply put, the shoulder line of short -sleeved shirts cannot be hypertrophic and loose, and it should be stiff and fitted to make people feel your shoulders. It also looks more refined, highlighting the lines of the upper circumference.

Followed by

老爹衫 or 工作服,如何才能时髦地打开「短袖衬衫」?


Essence The leaves feel that it is better to deal with it here. If the shoulder line is in line, the sleeve is hypertrophic and pointed, and the cuffs are rolled one or two times not only will look much more concise, but also can modify the arm circumference. It is very masculine.

But also pay attention that it can be blindly rolled in the sleeve. Of course, the five -point sleeves are indifferent. If it is like 1/2 (or only 1/3) to the forearm below, it will be embarrassing when it is rolled. When, the shorter the sleeve, the better.

老爹衫 or 工作服,如何才能时髦地打开「短袖衬衫」?

In addition to the version of the shirt, choosing the right color element design is also an important step to get rid of the old sense. On wearing short -sleeved shirts, leaves are recommended

老爹衫 or 工作服,如何才能时髦地打开「短袖衬衫」?

Ning not to choose a stripe

Essence In fact, this is not about the problem of straight and straight men, nor does it deny that someone can wear well, but it will test the individual’s ability to control.

The plaid itself is an element of easy to show old, and the short -sleeved shirt is the same. There is no decoration of long -sleeved tube. It seems too hard and not flexible. The combination of these two is easy to wear “old -fashioned”.

老爹衫 or 工作服,如何才能时髦地打开「短袖衬衫」?

But if someone is really in love, there is also a solution here.

Not long ago, the leaves have just introduced this way of wearing, that is, adding white Tee in, unbuttoning the button to open the placket, all the hems are stuffed into the pants, creating a perfect proportion. Breaking the dullness brought by the plaid and short sleeves.

Compared with the plaid, the blessing of the stripe element gives the short -sleeved version light and flexible atmosphere, which makes people look too tight. Choosing some fresh colors will be a lot refreshing.

There are also short -sleeved styles that are stitched together in the following multi -color or multi -element. It is too naive. LOW is very strong, and quickly abandon.

老爹衫 or 工作服,如何才能时髦地打开「短袖衬衫」?

Black and white are the most common and easiest styles of control, but considering it in the short -sleeved version,


It will undoubtedly have more texture. Although the whole body is relatively mature, you can add a pair of white sneakers or canvas shoes to neutralize, creating a positive and active atmosphere of young and active.

Pure white short -sleeved shirt

Slightly ordinary, but it is better than classic. A pair of trousers and double leather shoes are matched with them. As a light -mature man’s summer commuting, it is definitely suitable for a sports shoes. It is the first choice for leisure time. While liberating your feet, it brings more active dynamics.

Wave dot

老爹衫 or 工作服,如何才能时髦地打开「短袖衬衫」?

Leaves are rarely said, but you can try it on short sleeves.

Although it looks a bit similar to the plaid, it is not connected to each other. It has more blank space and has a naughty ghost and horse characteristics. Compared with solid color models, it can bring more vivid and interesting changes to short -sleeved shirts.

There are all kinds

老爹衫 or 工作服,如何才能时髦地打开「短袖衬衫」?

Printed short sleeve

老爹衫 or 工作服,如何才能时髦地打开「短袖衬衫」?

The leaf will be talked about the printing in detail later, so I won’t talk about it here.

老爹衫 or 工作服,如何才能时髦地打开「短袖衬衫」?

Personally, if you choose a short -sleeved printed shirt with silk, you can add rough jeans to the lower body at this time. It can add a sense of look to the overall look. It is not too soft, reducing the difficulty of controlling silk clothing, and making it easier to the upper body. Black cows are undoubtedly the most versatile and quality choice.

老爹衫 or 工作服,如何才能时髦地打开「短袖衬衫」?

Don’t forget, there are still

Short -sleeved denim shirt


Leaves here are not recommended to choose authentic and thick denim fabrics, and you are not comfortable to wear in summer. What is recommended is the denim shirt that has been treated in the later period, and its texture will be softer. It is a high -end choice for short sleeves and is absolutely not tacky.

Finally, there is this kind of uncle Nick often worn

Working and military style

The short -sleeved shirt can also be very good with ordinary old short -sleeved shirts, adding a sense of Man, which is very domineering. As for whether the short -sleeved shirt should be a tie, Ye Zi feels that it is different from person to person. If you think you can compare with Nick Wooster, try it.

老爹衫 or 工作服,如何才能时髦地打开「短袖衬衫」?

So far, many Oversize short -sleeved shirts on the market are also design. Such a shirt generally reaches seven -point sleeve length. The more open sleeve tube compares the average seven -point sleeve will not look too stingy. Of course, it will also have a tip, but it doesn’t matter if it is rolled or not.

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老爹衫 or 工作服,如何才能时髦地打开「短袖衬衫」?

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老爹衫 or 工作服,如何才能时髦地打开「短袖衬衫」?

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