Do not hurry to throw the expired conditioner. These 3 wastes use tips, you deserve to have


For their own beauty, many friends will work hard on their hair

If we often do hair, our hair will become more and more dry!


Now more and more friends use conditioner to maintain their hair, and conditioner is a good choice!

It is irritating that I found that it had expired before I bought a bottle of conditioner, and it was a pity to throw it away.


If you use it and worry about hurting your hair, how should we use expired conditioner? Let’s take a look together.

When we usually wash the pillow hood, did the friends find that there is a black thing on it, and we have no way to wash it off. This thing is the oil stains on our hair, and we use the oil stains to use laundry clothes. There is no way to wash it, then we need to change it to wash it off.

We can use the conditioner to clean the pillow hood, then if we use our usual use, we will feel very distressed, then we can use the expired conditioner to wash off the stains, so if we use it to wash the pillow hood This method is really good. Not only can you wash the pillow, you can also make it a good smell.


There is often a unpleasant taste in the bathroom. After using many methods, the taste can not disappear, which causes others to not dare to enter the bathroom when they come to the home. At this time, we will definitely think of using something to remove the taste to remove the taste.


But after we run out, we find that we cannot remove the taste. Then at this time we can only use other methods, so we can use the conditioner to solve this problem. The method is particularly simple.

We only need to pour the conditioner into the water tank in the toilet, and then wait for a period of time to rinse the toilet with water several times. In the end, we will find that the toilet has no bad taste. It has become very fragrant It’s right.

We originally eaten gum happily, but accidentally sticking gum to clothes, it made people feel unhappy.


Especially for children with children at home, they should have encountered their children who often put gum on their clothes.


At this time we can use conditioner. We only need to pour the conditioner in a place with gum when washing clothes, and then rub it a few times, and we will find that gum has been washed off.

After we learn this method, we will never have a headache because of gum sticking to clothes. This method can not only solve the problem of gum sticking on the clothes, but we can also solve the gum accidentally sticking to the wall or making it. When it comes to the ground, we only need to squeeze the conditioner on the towel, and then wipe off the gum with a towel.

If we find that the conditioner at home has expired and reluctant to throw it away, and we don’t know how to use it, the methods shared with your friends today can start using it.

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