Analysis of the fabric of the daily life: Which of the fabrics of the tributary, cotton fabric?


What is Gongtin? Is it good or pure cotton?

The concept of cotton and silk can still have basic differences, but when it comes to tribute satin, it is blurred.

“Gong satin” is a satin tissue fabric. It is a relatively complicated weaving process. The veil floats on the surface of the fabric. Therefore, the “tribute satin” is generally used as the emperor’s “tribute”, so it is named “Gong satin” Essence Many consumers who do not understand the fabrics misunderstand that it is not cotton, so it is repeatedly asked: Is Gong satin good fabric or whole cotton?

Here the emphasis on emphasis: Gong satin is 100%whole cotton!


In addition, the advantages and disadvantages of the fabric are not directly related to its thin and thick (satin fabric relative to ordinary cotton, that is, thin and light). The silk is very thin, but it is very expensive. We need to pay attention to the quality of the fabric (the satin fabric is compact and soft ,Shiny).

Gongshin uses Xinjiang long velvet cotton. Compared with ordinary cotton, the quality is superior to the general cotton, and consumers often mistakenly think that long velvet cotton cotton cotton is actually not long. A large amount of thermal energy, 10-15 days longer than ordinary cotton, because the cotton fiber of long velvet cotton is long, with good strength and can be woven into a thinner and better yarn.


The texture of the tributary is thick, the surface is smooth and delicate, the feel is soft, the color is bright, the elasticity is excellent, the texture is tight, and it is not easy to deform. There are positive and anti -handling points, the floating line is long, and the surface of the fabric is almost all composed of meridians and weft floating lines. The satin fabric is bright, with reflective effects, similar to the satin, high grade and high cost.

Both are cotton. First of all, there is no comparability in material, but it is different from quality. The tribute satin is more delicate and smooth than ordinary cotton fabrics, better luster, better feel, good color accuracy, shrinking water, shrinking water The rate is low, the bedding is beautiful as a whole, and it is more grade.

The source life of 100 Silk Gong satin is selected in Xinjiang Changchi cotton.