If you want to keep warm, you must not miss the “high -collar shirt”.


I am a person who is very afraid of cold, so I will pursue a variety of heating items in the autumn and winter seasons. Even when choosing a sweater, I have to take into account the skin between my necks. “Come to prevent drilling wind. In fact, the use of turtleneck shirts in daily life is widely used. Today, let this fashionable essence teach you the selection skills. Even if you are a novice Xiaobai, you can easily learn.

High -collar shirt+trousers

The most classic combination of high -collar shirts is the combination of pants. This is the most conservative match, and it will not make an error no matter how you wear it. Black slim -neck shirts can be used as a bottoming shirt, so that it will have super strong matching, and the black itself is thin. In this way, your figure will look slimmer.

The turtleneck with strong slim -fitting will fit well on you, bringing you a very comfortable experience. When pairing with pants, it is recommended that you choose high -waist straight -legged and wide -leg pants, and put the high -neck shirt’s hem. Give it to the waist of the trousers so that you can clarify the waistline and create a capable aura, and it will also play a role in modifying the leg shape.

The neighboring color matching method of earth color is a very good choice for wearing weak eyebrows, because the earth color itself is a high -grade and calm color. The light brown shirt like the blogger is very skinny, and at the same time, it is not at all. It will look heavy. The matching of beige straight pants will show a capable gas field. The similarity of colors forms a natural progress. It is very fashionable to wear.

The orange -colored small -necked wool sweater can not only play a warm role, and it will also make people feel very warm. It will reflect your essence. The requirements of the face will not be too high. With jeans is the most basic choice. Not only is it wrong, but it is also very casual.

The blue high -necked wool sweater can make people feel very refreshing. After all, blue is a cold tone. After incorporating a little gray tone, it will form a high -level Morandi color, which is more likely to create a sense of high -level, and the black ones Slimed jeans will modify your legs very well. I suggest you choose thick and elastic jeans, so that you will not make people feel tight.

High -collar shirt+skirt

What I want to focus on you is actually the matching of turtlenecks+skirts, because there are many beautiful eyebrows that the skirt can be worn in spring and summer. In fact, this is not the case. The wool crane sweater, which has a thick texture and has a good tolerance for the neck. It is also equipped with a hidden blue metal double -breasted skirt, which is fashionable and foreign.

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Momari themaury autumn and winter German Yangzi yarn turtleneck sweater stranded woven sweater m4635

¥ 389


This white high -necked pullover sweater adopts the design of twisted flowers. Although it is white, the sense of fashion is not less than those bright sweater at all. Its texture is thick and looks very textured. After the retro grid hair skirt, it will inject a bit of British style.

The most classic match must be black and white. After choosing a white pullover sweater, it can form a strong visual impact with a black A -line skirt. The loose skirt has a good tolerance for the leg lines. The type also comes with age reduction temperament, coupled with the blessing of the high -necked sweater, you will become a girl in minutes, showing gentle and charm.

The gauze skirt is different from the ordinary skirt with ordinary texture. It is a single product covered by layer -stacking gauze. It looks quite layered and more agile and elegant. The overall design degree, at this time with the basic color turtleneck sweater, it will not look monotonous, it will effectively avoid the feeling of old -fashioned, and it also gives an ordinary sweater a deeper charm.

For the sexy goddess, the hip skirt has always been a must -have in the wardrobe. It has too many advantages. The most significant performance is that it can well modify the waist and hip comparison. It is very friendly to the beautiful eyebrows of the pear -shaped figure, and it can also be matched. When going to work in daily work, it can be matched with the turtleneck, so that it is very elegant even if it is not added.

You can use the colorful turtlenecks+basic color bag hip skirts to choose to choose to wear. Like Morandi’s blue sweater fresh and gentle, it is very suitable for mature women. The vulgar temperament can make people feel enthusiastic, so as to show a little warm effect.

No matter which set, it is based on a certain fashion theory, so you can use it with confidence. Even if you try the same model and copy it, you will not make mistakes.