The insomnia party must see! This sleep headset is super comfortable, sound insulation can also promote sleep


The insomnia party must see! This sleep headset is super comfortable, sound insulation can also promote sleep

Modern people’s work pressure is increasing, especially this Spring Festival. Before, it was comfortable for more than half a month of leave, and now I regret it after resumption.

Facts have proved that the job without doing will not disappear out of thin air, it will only pile up, allowing you to solve three weeks of work a week.

Some friends told Xueba Jun that they have been under great pressure recently and can’t sleep at night. My mind has always been stretched.

Therefore, there is the recommendation of the sleeping software written by Xueba Jun before, and many friends can really sleep after feedback.

However, some friends reported that it was more difficult to sleep after wearing headphones, because they were not used to sleeping with headphones, and now they always feel uncomfortable after wearing headphones.

This problem seems to be quite common, because the cavity of the headset is generally hard now, so the ears will hurt after a long time.

So Xuebajun recommends a good black technology today -Remax Sleep Headphones.

The reason why traditional headphones are uncomfortable to wear sleep is because its cavity is made of metal, which will compress the meat on the ears.

The second is that traditional headphones are generally heavy. After a long time, the ears will have a sense of oppression and fatigue.

These two factors have caused most of the traditional headphones to be suitable for wearing sleep, or even long -term wear.

Sleep headset is a new form of headphones developed for the pain point of listening to songs and sleep sound insulation before bedtime.

Although it looks no different from ordinary headphones, as long as you pinch it, you will find that it is soft! Even I picked up the hammer hammer and there would be no deformation a few times!

In fact, it wasn’t what magic was used, and he was just right.

Don’t you say that the headset is too hard and uncomfortable to wear?

Then make all the softened things on the surface of the headset, so that the deformation of the headset will maximize, even if it is directly pressed on the pillow, there will be no sense of oppression.

In addition, it is very light, only 13G weighing a single headset!

What concept of 13G? The weight of a piece of Veda pump is 14G, which means that the Remax headset is lighter than a piece of paper!

Sleeping on your ears is basically equivalent to not wearing, there is no sense of presence, and you can sleep well with it.

I have to say that it is too difficult to sleep peacefully this year. In the past 20 years of Xueba Jun, there are countless situations.

When I was at home, I couldn’t sleep because my neighbors were too loud. I couldn’t sleep because of fireworks everywhere. When I was studying, I couldn’t sleep because my roommate snoring. After work, I couldn’t sleep because of the work pressure.

However, with this sleep headset, with the few software recommended by Xueba Jun, it is not so easy to insomnia.

Listen to white noise from half an hour to an hour before bedtime or music that can relieve mood. For example, Xueba Jun especially likes to listen to English lessons before bedtime, and he is particularly good to sleep.

In addition, although this headset can be worn all night, Xueba Jun does not recommend everyone to listen to the song for one night.

Studies have shown that wearing headphones for a long time will cause damage to the ears, so experts recommend that you generally take off your headphones for 30-60 minutes to make the ears fully rest.

If you are also prone to insomnia, or because of environmental factors that are not easy to fall asleep, then Xuebajun recommends everyone to try this sleep headset of Remax.

The price is not expensive,

You only need 26 pairs after using 10 yuan coupon,

This price can be exchanged for good sleep in the future. It is worthy of money. What bicycles do you want? Hurry up!

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¥ 36


The above is the introduction and description of soft ear plugs, I hope it can be helpful to you.