There are five levels of electric vehicles. Do you know how to choose?


There are five levels of electric vehicles. Do you know how to choose?

Many people have difficulty in choosing electric vehicles. Is it expensive or cheap? If you choose cheap, will the quality be over? If you choose expensive, the quality is generally slaughtered? Many people will make chess because of the price gap. In fact, electric vehicles have 5 levels. If they are distinguished, it will be well understood!

Top brand:

The primary indicators are the annual output sales of 4 million vehicles+. They all have a high popularity at home and abroad, and ordinary consumers can also be household names. The quality of the product is relatively high, and the choice of accessories is basically leading companies in various industries, with many high -end products. After -sales service is quite complete, and on -site car repair services can be basically available. Top brands with the same quality will be about 300 yuan more expensive than first -line brands, but their services will be better.

First -line brand:

The primary indicators are 200-4 million units, and they still have a high reputation at home and abroad. Whether it is after -sales service or the choice of accessories, it is almost the same as the top brand. So why is there a price gap? It is mainly reflected in user recognition and choice.

Second -line brand:

The primary indicator is the annual production sales of 50-2 million vehicles, which has a good reputation in the industry. It is a strong competitor of the front -line brands. The sales volume in some local areas even exceeds the first -tier brand. In terms of quality, second -tier brands are cost -effective. Electric vehicles with the same quality will, second -line brands will be about 200 yuan cheaper than first -line brands. However, there is still a certain gap in services.

Small brand:

The primary indicator is the annual production sales volume of 30,000 to 500,000 units. It is mainly some regional brands or some emerging brands. Compared with the first and second -tier brands, the size of small brands will be much smaller, and its product quality and service will be relatively low. , But it has a high cost -effectiveness that the first and second -tier brands do not have, which is also its advantage.

Miscellaneous card:

The primary indicators are less than 300,000 units of annual production. They are all small or even electric vehicles produced by workshop -type manufacturers. The price is extremely cheap and the quality cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, it is necessary to choose such brands carefully.

After determining the gear you want to buy, there are three points to be clear:

One: style selection

1. The electric bicycle of the rear -wheel drive is better

There are three main ways to drive electric bicycles (there are also 5 types): wheel -drive, medium -duty driver, suspension drive. Although the mid-type driver is more advanced, electric bicycles on the market are mainly the first-wheel driver. The wheel driver is better in the future, and the front -wheel drive performance is relatively poor.

2. The position of the battery

It is better to consider the balance of the vehicle and the driver. It is better to place the battery on the frame oblique pipe or the riser. The battery is basically an affordable lead -acid battery.

Two: functional style

1. Standard type: This type of electric vehicle motor is generally 150W, which is characterized by simple and smooth shapes. The renewal mileage is about 40 kilometers. The operation is simple and the price is moderate. It is not too long, work and life have certain maneuverability users.

2. Multifunctional type: This type of electric bicycle is generally increased on the basis of the standard type, an additional fork shock absorption, saddle shock absorbing, front lights, electric speakers, etc. It is characterized by more functions, which is more comfortable when riding. It is also convenient to use at night. The price is generally around 2500 yuan to 3,000 yuan, which can be roughly drove about 50 kilometers.

3. Luxury type: This type of electric vehicle is characterized by more novel and luxurious shapes and more functions. Usually adding dashboards to the handlebars to display speed, mileage, voltage, electricity, etc. Tips, rearview mirrors, toolboxes, safety nets, etc. The price is usually around 3500 yuan to 4500 yuan, and the distance between luxury electric vehicles can be around 60 kilometers.


: On -site purchase points

1. According to my actual needs and love, choose the right specifications, styles and colors.

2. Select the appearance quality of the electric bicycle vehicle first. It mainly depends on whether the trademark and flower flowers are intact, and whether the surface quality of paint parts, plating, plastic parts, plastic parts, and aluminum alloy is satisfactory.

3. Check the quality of the vehicle assembly quality

A. Various screws are tightly in place without loosening.

B. The handlebars, wheels, chains, curvped stalks, and pedals should be flexibly operated. C. The handlebars, saddles, mud, hams, and brackets should be installed with positive or left and right symmetry, and there must be obvious signs of signs. D. Movement parts (such as chain, crank, wheels, etc.) and non -motion components (such as chain hoods, mud boards, etc.) cannot be rubbed.

4. Try the electric door key and battery lock. It is safe and reliable, easy to use. The door lock, battery lock, and toolbox lock should be the most convenient.

5. Open the electric door, rotate the transmission handle, check the stepless transmission and brake (brake) power off and braking effect, and check whether the motor is stable and color.

6. Multifunctional and luxurious electric bicycles also check whether all functions are intact.

7. Finally, the invoice, charger, qualification certificate, instruction manual, three pack cards, etc. should be kept and preserved properly.

Special reminding parents who intend to pick up children must check: whether the welding and surface of the frame and the front fork are defective, whether the dual support is strong, whether the fastener is rust, etc., so that the child will not fall.

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