Long -term oral diabetic drugs are damaged? Patient: fighting every day, but often feels fearful


Long -term oral diabetic drugs are damaged? Patient: fighting every day, but often feels fearful

Participated in the formulation of the first domestic “Guidelines for the treatment of Chinese obesity and diabetes surgery”, founded China ’s weight reduction metabolic surgeon group, and published many academic papers in important international magazines … At the beginning of the year, their teams all the way, wearing thorns, and suffering together, confirming the eternal topic -persistence and persistence!

“Can diabetes be cured by surgery? This is a question given me by thousands of patients.” Wu Liangping recalled the dilemma when he started to enter this field: what is the surgical indication certificate, how to standardize the surgery, how to manage postoperative postoperative, and so on. Faced with gaps, with the only foreign literature support and the vision of the emerging professionalism of diabetes surgery, Wu Liangping’s team has conducted unremitting exploration; from foundation to clinical, from animals to human body, discuss with domestic peers, and integrate with international advanced integration ; After counting countless sleeping nights, how many theoretical assumptions were tried, and finally created a world.

“I also thought about giving up, but that pair of hopeful eyes, the face that was tortured by the disease, but let you abandon it.” Wu Liangping still remembers that it was a patient from Shandong. Diabetes tortured her like a withered oil lamp; long -term oral diabetic drugs soared her liver function, and the amount of insulin had reached 150 U/D, and the target organs were also damaged. “‘Every day is fighting, but I live in fear and despair every day’, ‘How can I fight?” How can we give up as a doctor? How can we give up? ? Even if there is only a trace of chance. “

A hard work and one gain, the giving is finally returned, the basic research of precipitated several years is effective, and the various clinical specifications and processes are gradually mature. With the joint efforts of scholars across the country, the Guide of “Chinese Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes Surgery” also Guide is cooked. Honor followed, CCTV’s special reporting of the “Criminal Diabetes” in CCTV’s “Entering Science”, and the center obtained the qualifications of members of the International metabolic surgery excellence. At the same time, with the efforts of the team, a doctors of Youdao were founded to focus on weight reduction surgery to treat obesity and diabetes, help many obesity and diabetic patients return to health, accumulate rich clinical experience, and establish a comprehensive medical system This is the real pioneer in the industry.

However, the effect of patients is the biggest test gold stone: Is it safe? Can you cure it? Is there any sequelae? “In a mature weight -loss metabolic surgery team, the risk of surgery is equivalent to appendic gallbladder resection; more than 83%of diabetic patients can be fully relieved after surgery, realizing the healing of Linchuan, and getting rid of diabetes. Regulatory management can avoid your sequelae risk. “Wu Liangping replied proudly.

Of course, the praise of patients is the trophy of morality. Listen: “The surgery changed my life and also changed my life!” “I get diabetes at a young age. I feel like a person who is an abandoned person, a person who holds a medicine jar every day. The desperate mood was rescued and revised my life trajectory. “

“The achievements of the fame are just eye -catching and smoke, and the true confession from patients is the highest reward for our diabetic surgeon.” In the face of various honors, Wu Liangping was light and light, but he regarded the patient’s praise.

For more than ten years, thousands of patients have been treated by Wu Liangping. They are from all over the world, all walks of life, different ages, different sugar age, different lives, and different experiences. Cure diabetes and gather together for help. “As a metabolic surgeon, what are the reasons for we are not diligent and excel; maximize the interests of patients and minimize the cost; the surgical safety, maximum treatment effect, and minimize complications?” Is this a weight loss metabolic metabolism? Surgeons are the most true and elaborate!

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