Why is high -flow air filter better than paper filter element?


Why is high -flow air filter better than paper filter element?

Generally speaking, most ordinary air filters are made of lower -cost paper filters. There are countless small holes on the surface of the paper filter to block dust and foreign objects, but when the surface of the filter has accumulated a certain amount of dust, some small holes are blocked, and the amount of intake will be affected.

The high -flow air filter is generally made of higher cotton or sponge, and it is used to block the dust with a dedicated filter element oil. The filtering effect does not lose the paper filter. At the same time, because the cotton is a three -dimensional three -dimensional filtering medium, the dust will be blocked by multi -layer fibers that are criss -cross when passing. Then use the filter oil to float from the surface of the filter element, and it will not be like a paper filter. When the small hole is blocked by the dust, it will fail. Therefore, the air intake efficiency of high -flow air filters is higher and longer, which can maintain good breathability performance for a long time. There are also characteristics that are not afraid of humidity and not easy to be penetrated by foreign bodies, which can better protect the engine, reduce fuel consumption while increasing the engine power.

Therefore, in order to protect the engine in depth and comprehensively, it is best to replace a high -flow air filter for the car. This can also reduce the number of future maintenance empty filtration, saving time, energy and money, which can be described as more.

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