The concealer’s budget is the effect of glowing from the inside to the inside out, and the smooth skin has no oil light.


The concealer’s budget is the effect of glowing from the inside to the inside out, and the smooth skin has no oil light.

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Not long ago, I started to be familiar with the TopFace brand. First of all, I bought a gel eyeliner, and then a shiny base makeup and grill. Since these products meet all my needs and even exceed my expectations, I want to share my main discoveries.

TOPFACE’s Baked Choic Compact Powder

There are three colors to choose from. I chose the most suitable color for my pale skin -01 natural color (although I think this is a common color, suitable for many people). This is what I lack shiny dry skin.

From the first touch of my fingers, I like the texture of this powder -powder to become silky and delicate. It shifted to the face with a light veil, making the face look delicate and glory, without a trace of oil. Due to the small reflex particles that cannot be seen with the naked eye, the powder illuminates the face from the inside.

I also noticed that the powder will dispersed people’s attention to irregularity because of its luminescence. Dipping does not emphasize. But she did not cover the pores, although she tried to apply in different ways: with a brush and a mixer. On the other hand, this is not a problem, because you can solve the moment of pores at the stage of applying the base makeup.

This is the same: without powder, the skin with color tones is like this:

The makeup after the powder is beautiful, satin, but the face does not look like a fat cake. No mask effect. If your skin looks gray, tired, and noisy, the grilled glow powder is exactly what you need, which is a great choice to hide it.

The foundation on my face is very good, but let me remind you that I am the owner of dry skin. Unfortunately, in the case of oily skin, I don’t know how the powder will perform. As far as I am concerned, it feels comfortable all day and does not make the skin skin dry.

After the powder:

I do n’t have an hourglass microman powder, but many beauty bloggers compare this cheap baby with it.

I bought a 460 ruble powder at Wildberry.

I noticed that such low -priced classic products are likely to be due to the simplest and most plastic packaging. At the same time, for 2 months, the inscription on the packaging was not wiped off, and the opening and closing institutions themselves work normally.

Personally, I prefer this effect. Sometimes it really saves me) Although I sometimes use it alternately with the light powder according to my mood.

Do you prefer shiny powder or matte powder? Do you like TopFace Powder?

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