Price of 799, aviation aluminum metal frame+7 gear gear, Xiaomi ecological chain children’s mountain car experience!


Price of 799, aviation aluminum metal frame+7 gear gear, Xiaomi ecological chain children’s mountain car experience!

◆ Foreword:

When it comes to Xiaomi, I think everyone will not be unfamiliar. After several years of development, Xiaomi has become very huge. Today Xiaomi is focusing on smartphones, televisions, laptops, and many other intelligent devices fields, and its ecological chain companies are also very many. Today, I mentioned again here Xiaomi and Xiaomi Ecological Chain. What I want to share with you is because of Xiaomi Ecological Chain Enterprise, the latest one called by Qianji Technology Co., Ltd., the product of the elementary school car of the elementary school student. After nearly half a month of experience, I have a very detailed understanding of this riding primary school student mountain car. In the next time, I will share with you and use its true feelings. I hope I can have you to have you. Help!

◆ Text:

The product packaging of the ride primary school student mountain car feels big, which is just equivalent to the size of the TV’s product packaging, but because the ride primary school students are relatively light as a whole, although the packaging is large, but as a male man, I am a man. You can also carry it alone. The style of the entire packaging is relatively simple. The front of the product packaging has an official LOGO, which is the parameter information and some prompt signs of the bicycle around the packaging.

During the transportation process, the two pedals were disassembled and transported during transportation, so after we got the bicycle, we needed to install the pedal manually. In addition, the leader of this children’s mountain car also needs to be adjusted manually to ride normally. In the product standard matching, the manufacturer is also very intimately presented to the tools for installing pedals and faucets. The method of adjusting and installing the pedal is also simple.

The color matching of the overall color of the ride of the elementary school students is still very young and energetic. This young color matching is also more suitable for elementary school students. However, there are currently only this kind of blue version for users to choose. I also hope that the manufacturer can release more color matching to satisfy the “good color” preferences of different elementary school students!

Riding primary school students are positioned as children’s riding products, so it is only suitable for elementary school students to use. Its maximum load-bearing official tips are 35kg, and the best cycling height is between 115-150cm. Can’t ride.

I always think that the first feeling of a product to users is very important. After getting riding a primary school student mountain car, I also observed it carefully. This mountain car will give people a very quality visual experience. In terms of workmanship, I have no place to talk about!

Riding primary school students to position children’s products. On the bicycle, you can see that riding records have made a lot of optimization treatment for elementary school students, suitable for rotor transmissions used by small hands. Suitable for the shimano7 speed rotation of the small hand, which is adjusted by visual gear, easy to use, simple gear, stable performance. The only thing these two handles need to vomit is that because the right hand is added with a transmission, the length of the two handles is somewhat different, so that my obsessive -compulsive disorder is a bit comfortable to see, and there are no other places.

In addition to this bell on the left hand of the primary school student mountain, I must also talk about it. The feeling of this bell is very light, and the feeling of light fluttering is not real. And the sound of the bell is relatively small. In short, I am very disliked by this bell. Essence But the child said that it was very light and laborious, but I just didn’t like it.

Riding primary school students also adopt a solid and durable frame design, high -strength frame, which can be suitable for multi -scene cycling. In addition, its frame is also made of 6061 aviation aluminum alloy material, which will be 45%lighter than ordinary frame. The geometric size of the frame is also professional, and the intensity is also 30%higher than that of ordinary frames, and it is solid and durable.

In addition, the frame of the rider’s primary school student mountain car is still adopted. The low -span frame design. In actual use, the children in the home can also be very easy. It is worth mentioning that the frame structure of this kind of ground span also played a protective role in children. When I was studying a bicycle, I was attacked by the frame countless times. Essence

In the front fork design of the ride primary school students, the manufacturer also adopts a high -threatening fork design, so that the front height and low design make us ride more comfortably. The 28.6mm thicker 11%, the thicker fork makes the stability during cycling more, making the child’s cycling more secure.

The ride primary school student mountain vehicle adopts a sensitive front and rear V brake design, which has the characteristics of high braking stability, making use more secure. In this experience, the sensitivity of the front and rear V brakes is very high, and the braking performance is very good. The only disadvantage is that I think that such a grade elementary school car should be equipped with front and rear disc brakes, so that I personally think it will be more perfect.

The considering consideration of the ride primary school student mountain vehicle is very comprehensive in terms of safety. In addition to the V -brake design with excellent braking performance, a reflective prompt design is used on the rear wheels, front forks, and pedals of the mountain car, so that the night riding is made to make the night riding. The safety of acting is also very high. You still need to like the riding.

The leader of the ride primary school student mountain car adopts a non -lifting design, but the cushion supports lifts. Children can adjust the height of the cushion appropriately according to their own riding needs in order to get the most comfortable cycling experience. Because the cushion of the rider’s primary school student mountain car also adopts accessories such as fittings and accessible car bags, it can be greatly improved in both comfort and practicality.

Circles in the mountains of elementary school students are also adopted. The double -layer aluminum alloy cars are light weight and strong impact. In addition, its wheels also use a small granular pattern widened wheel, which has the ability of all -terrain riding and can adapt to various road conditions.

In the end, I personally think that since the mountain students are positioned as a mountain car, I have not seen it on the body. The manufacturer does any shock absorption treatment for the mountain cars. Thinking about ordinary mountain cars, we can see that in a bicycle in a bicycle There is a shock -reducing buffer design below the cushion and the front fork. Since the mountain students have no such design, I personally don’t think it should be. No matter what the problem is, since I do it, I personally feel that it must be perfect.

◆ Summary:

Overall, the appearance design of this rider primary school student mountain is very good. During this time, my child has been experiencing the mountainous mountains of the elementary school students. Although the front and rear disc brake design is not adopted, the brakes of the mountain students mountain are also very sensitive. Seven gear variables can also make the cycling happier and easier. In the overall riding feeling, my child only gave the ride primary school students 80 points. I personally think that if the mountain students can have a tunnel that can have a tuning high and low shocking treatment, such mountain cars will be more perfect. Well, as for the problem of the purchase of this mountain car, it is still left for you to decide!

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