What color curtains are pink walls? How much does it cost?


The color of the curtains affects the home environment. If the color of the wall is not properly matched, it will affect the overall home atmosphere. If it is a pink wall, how should you choose. Let’s take a look at what color curtains in a pink wall, and it’s also to understand how much the curtains are doing. Everyone will have certain practice guidance when selecting curtains and curtains and coloring, and will be willing to walk more.

What color curtain is made of pink wall?

Pink walls can be matched with a variety of colors, with different colors with different results. For example, if you pursue personalities, the pink wall can be lighter. If you want to be more cute, you can match the white curtains in a pink wall; there is a warm and beautiful, there is a pink wall with the light green curtains, which is thriving, full of life There is spring feeling, this kind of room with good lighting is better; it can also be a pink wall with a pink curtain, which will have no effect.


How much is the curtain?

1. Customization of curtains, the price is directly related to different materials. The fabric commonly used today has natural fiber cloth, synthetic fiber cloth, and artificial fiber cloth, cotton linen, etc. If the high-grade material, it is also possible to 100 yuan / m.

2, the custom style of curtains, according to the home decoration needs of different users, all in the style of curtains are different. For example, sputum, roller blind, blind and folding, etc. It is also more beautiful.

3, the curtains are still a very important point, the merchant will recommend you to do more, because you have to match the Roman rod, (there are a lot of prices than the rods) with Roman poles Cave, a ring to be 4 yuan, much more expensive than the price of hooks. More important things, you have to spend a lot of money to buy cloth and bag. Make more landing curtains more than 150 yuan. If you don’t do it, you can do not have to pack the lace. Because it is not good to look at the lace, short curtains don’t matter.