Biyabi: Reebok UL 6000 Cage Men’s Classic Running Shoes $32.99


Reebok is a sports brand under Adidas. Reebok, named Reebok in English, is a kind of antelope in South Africa, which is good at running. Reebok hopes that people can gallop like Reebok antelope and fully enjoy the fun of sports after wearing Reebok sneakers.

The upper of this Reebok running shoe is made of synthetic fabric and mesh splicing design, weighing only 310g, which is very light, breathable and comfortable. The addition of high abrasion resistant rubber outsole and shock absorption technology increases durability and friction. The built-in foam insole makes this shoe more comfortable. The color is mainly neon blue and white, and the green lining is dotted. The overall color is very eye-catching. In general, this pair of shoes is a lightweight classic jogging shoes that can meet the daily needs,!

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About 244 yuan

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