# 2021 Creative Group – Creative “Eat” Light # Cute Flash Puff


After the mini fruit tart made in the week, I still have some Kasda sauce, and I plan to do some baking in principle. Plus, the beasts of the family belong to the food, do not picky food, haha, it seems that this is also legacy, so I have these little guys, I personally be more delicious to eat this, inside the insert with the crispy crisp with outside. Hard puff, and all kinds of tastes, will have a good mood. Not much nonsense, write a copy below.


By Clarabonnie



Puff material


Butter 60 grams


5 grams of fine sugar

50 grams of milk


1 gram of salt

Water 60 grams

60 grams of low-gluten flour

Two eggs


Casida sauce on a stuffing


Decorative material

Light cream 100ml

15 grams of sugar powder


Chocolate 40 grams


Nuts or vitro slices

Blueberry or other fruit amount


Internal filling

Practice steps

1. The material that will make a lightning puff is ready.

2, the low-gluten flour is sieved.


3, the powder after the flour is sieved.


4, eggs hit in the bowl.


5, eggs are scattered into egg liquid, spare.


6, butter put into a small pot to heat up.


7, other preparative materials in addition to the egg liquid, also pour it into the pot.

8, keep stirring, so as not to be confused, the picture is a bit paspeutive, and it has been stirring.

9, one minute, began to bubble, boiled state.


10. Quickly pour the low-gluten flour and continue to stir.

11. Continue to stir with a doctor blade, when a film is hung in the bottom of the pot, this state is just a good state, you can transfer the dough.

12, transfer the bat into a big bowl, flatten, let it cool quickly.


13. When the batter cooling to 40-50 degrees Celsius, or when the warm temperature is not burn, the half egg solution is started.

14. After stirring into the egg liquid, then add egg to the egg.

15. Add some egg liquid and continue to stir.

16, stir into the batter, gently enamel the tip of the triangle. Put it into the refrigerator for an hour or so.


17, then use the stars to make a mouth, then put the bat into the silk bag, ready. Pre-war over this time, 1,75 degrees on the fire.

18, the first second puffed, squeezed out. Put it into the oven for 40-45 minutes.

19, after the baked, decorate the lightning puff, drill the cool puff in the bottom of the small puff, cross the small hole mouth, extrude the Kazda Sauce, and the other two I am doing, All cut, squeezed into the vale of whipped cream, then add fruit, chocolate, heat chocolate water, flooded on the surface of the puff, sprinkled with the nuts and crumbs.

20, a variety of styles of lightning puffs are completed.

21, a recent photo.

22, eat




1. Add to the figures to add a little bit, can not be poured in one time, to see the status of the batter, is too thin, not good, the state of the finished product will not drum. 2, fruit can be prevised according to personal preferences.

It has a skill. I have a small trick to each dish. You can search for “Bean Fruit” can directly view my recipes!

Like this recipe, remember to collect, pay attention! Welcome to share your comments on this cuisine below.