Why do you put a piece of cloth at the end of the hotel room? Many people are not clear …


Many people live in the hotel


Put a long cloth at the bed

This piece of cloth is bright, and the pattern color is changed.

Form a distinct contrast with white covered

But many people are very confused

What is it used? ?



Come with everyone to popularize it ~


This cloth has a very nice name

Calling the bed, also called the bed tail towel, bed tap pad


Generally common in the rooms at Superior Hotel,

But many families will also shop!


It’s true use ↓↓↓

1) Decoration

The bed tail towel is very different. There are also many pattern flowers. It can make a good decoration for the hotel’s bed, so that the room looks beautiful and more free.


2) 寒 作


When we were asleep, the quilt is actually very easy to spread, it is easy to catch a cold. And this piece can prevent the quilt from spreading, play a good role.

3) Protection

It is said that the bed tail towel originated in the United States because Americans ran on the bed. The shoes can be placed on the bed tail towel.

This cerebral cave is a bit big, Americans sleep shoes?

It is also said that when guests come, you can sit on the bed tail towel, prevent dust from the clothes from the bed, keep the bed sheets are cleaned.

4) Play

The general superior hotel will have a bed towel. When the waiter is going to buy me, you can put the meal on the bed tail towel, so that you can eat it without going to bed. This is definitely a lazy artifact.

Of course, when you are at home, you can put a book and other little gadgets, you will look like it.

5) Carpet role

Cough ….. In fact, this bed tail towel can also be treated as a carpet

When you want to take something, you can’t find your shoes, you can put it directly on the ground.

6) the role of the security

Different hotel brands of bed flag pattern design, materials are different, the hotel control can judge the hotel brand from the bed flag, and the side has played the effect of promotion.

Is it never thought of this strange cloth?


There are so many effects?

When you go to the hotel next time, take advantage of it ~



Why is the hotel’s bathroom door transparent?

Why is the executive floor extra expensive?


Why is the high-end hotel Wi-Fi charge?


It is said that people who have turned over countless five-star hotel

Not necessarily an answer!

1) Why is the hotel’s bathroom door specially installed transparent?

Don’t be shy!

In fact, it is different from you.


Visual increase

The 50 square meters of rooms immediately have 80 square meters of sensation, staying spacious and comfortable.



Outside people can see that once there is an accident, I found it in time. It’s more fresh in the toilet, and the glass door is the savior.

3, bath watch TV two incorrect

4, save construction costs

A glass is less expensive than a wall. Well, the buyer is really a good partner for diligent.


2) Why is the hotel’s bedding?

Some people think this is because “light color is clean”, is this true?

The world’s first hotel in the world is Hilton Group, and it is used by major hotels.

White bedding is indeed clean and tidy, and the light color is more likely to fall asleep. But there is also a secret, that is, the hotel’s bedding should be washed frequently, dry, disinfect, iron, and the gorgeous color is easy to fade or have been damaged (cost-first !!).

3) Where is the administrative floor? Why is your extra expensive?

The administrative floor is called “shop store”. It is invented by the Pittsburgh Hyatt in the 1980s, providing additional services on the basis of ordinary rooms.

Of course, “There is no white lunch without a white”

The administrative floor will be 20% to 50% higher than the general floor, but you can enjoy more services. In addition to fast check-in registration, free to wash clothes, you can also enjoy the most important time in day (dinner, cocktails and snacks)!


4) Why is the high-end hotel Wi-Fi?

Why is the general hotel, the Hostel’s Wi-Fi is free, many big-name hotels Wi-Fi actually charge? Especially when traveling abroad, Wi-Fi costs can even account for one-fifth of accommodation!

The high-end hotel is generally large, leading to high-rise installation costs of Wi-Fi, then follow the hidden rules, and the charge is justified.


5) Why do you have so much pillows in bed?


After all, people only have a head, 4-6 pillows hotel standards?

In fact, it is a well-known service, because different guests have different requirements for the pillow, soft hardships, so

Prepare a few different sizes, different materials of the pillow can meet the needs of different people.