How to test the motor soiled



The scouring hood is a tool that we will use every day every day. If there is a damage, it will make a cooking very embarrassing. In order to ensure that the tube hood can work every day, it is very important to take the oil hood. Let’s introduce how to test the motor so bad.

The motor can be said to be the heart of the oil absorbing hood, the suction, noise intensity and service life of the hood, closely related to the motor. Therefore, the quality of the motor directly affects the overall quality of the smoke hood, and it is very important to understand the quality of the motor.

1, is it completely closed?

There are now two forms of motor casing, one is a fully enclosed, as shown in the figure above, the other is a semi-closed, as shown below. The dust-proof performance of a fully enclosed motor is much better. After semi-closed cigarettes, it is easy to breast. Over time, the motor speed will be lowered, the noise will increase, and the service life will be shortened.

2, the number of copper wires of the motor

Many friends don’t know much about it. We all know that the motor is divided into rotor and stator. The rotor is an intermediate rotating portion, and the stator is part of the rotating magnetic field surrounding the rotor cylinder. We can see that there are many lacquered copper wires on the stator. Copper wire is wrapped on silicon steel stator core, there are many groups, the number of groups is the number of stacks of motors. The more coils, the more stable the speed, the lower the temperature generated, because the heat is small, longer life.

3, winding coil

Today’s motor is basically a pure copper paint line, and the surface has a copper wire in an insulating lacquer. Therefore, the higher the purity of the copper wire, the stronger the conductivity, the better the heat dissipation capacity, the longer the service life.

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How to test some of the relevant attention details of the motor quality, I hope I can help everyone, if it is not very clear, it is recommended to call the brand manufacturer to be purchased for detailed consultation.

How to test the motor soiled