Video Add a color to the winter, colorful socks you get?


The temperature drop, the temperature is lower than one day, but there is no step of chasing people chasing fashion. Winter wear color is more than one, many of the hipsters have spent the socks, choosing some fashionable socks to wear, both temperature and demeanors in this winter.

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The reporter came to several tidal socks in Jing’an Temple Business Circle, and there were many customers who came to buy socks. According to the clerk, the sales of colored socks in the store is very good, especially thickened wool socks and rabbit socks, thick texture and soft, and purchased customers very much.

Miss Li, Miss Li, is a nearby office worker. She told reporters that I like “roll pants feet + show an ankle” in the winter. It seems that the size is better, but the ankle is too cold, “” Recently popular ‘socks wear “, Especially pick some color socks to do match, it is good to see and keep warm. “


Ms. Customers who accompany her daughter to buy socks. She told reporters that there is not much time to accompany their children. “Daughter like Disney, this brand has a joint parent-child, you can buy it with your child.”


After 00, Wu classmate often went shopping on the tide socks. She said, seeing these colorful patterns, very cure very down. “Although there is less, I am very happy after I have finished.”

Today, the socks are no longer just warm and cold, using socks to increase the bright spot for the winter, and the mood has become more pleasant.