The man seeks to stimulate the orbit female teacher, and regret it after three years: or the ex-wife is good to me.


I don’t know if you have noticed a very interesting phenomenon. When men gave together, they always changed their own wife. When the women gave together, they always like to spit their husband. However, all the truth is that the man praises his wife to express his eyes, it is a good time, and the woman is moving the husband is the true feelings. After all, they seem to be these “straight men” sometimes not Will do things, don’t weird others say “men are big pig hoops.”

In fact, people, this day, people in the world, what do people do not make mistakes? What is important is how a person wants to grasp the scale? In the face of the principle of great affairs, they are firm in front of the principle, keep their bottom line. It is a pity that some men tend to be tempting, and they will make a betrayal family, and such men will not usher in a good end.

Mr. Peng, 40-year-old Hunan, is now regretted. At the beginning, he was divorced with his wife and his wife, but he couldn’t help but lame again after he had been together with the other. .

Life is flat, men seek stimulation

Mr. Peng and his first wife jointly operated 15 years of marriage, and there are two children between people. When Mr. Peng is doing a used car business, I can make a lot of money a year, my wife is gentle, and the child is smart. Everyone is bovinal, and the life of Mr. Pong is enviable. However, Mr. Peng is not such a life. satisfy.

More than 10 years of marriage life has already grinded his rush. At that time, the passion of love with his wife has also been done by the coffin oil salt of the day, he is eager to find new passion in this flat life. Instead, every time I go home, my wife is also invisible to myself.


Slowly, Mr. Peng also begins to paralyze themselves with a variety of entertainment, mix with a group of wine and meat friends, not in the middle of the night, not going home, use alcohol, send time.

A party three years ago, he met Ms. Cheng 5 years old than himself. Ms. Cheng Ms. Cheng is a teacher. She is very good at dealing with others because of work. She will still be a hot atmosphere, so Mr. Peng remembers her and exchanges contact with her.

After that, the two often contacted, Mr. Peng learned that Ms. Cheng had just left, and it was the emotional empty window. The lady just wants to find his second spring, and the two are in this case, and Ms. Cheng has begun to pursue Mr. Peng.

Mr. Peng has already been enough to live with his wife. He forgot his responsibility as a husband and his father. Maxi fell into the pursuit of Ms., maybe this is what he wants. Stimulate.

Ignore my wife and persuade you to divorce

Since the two begins to secretly confronted, Mr. Peng is different. He feels that he is a few years old. It will be bright every day, and the spirit is screaming. He found the love and wife in this relationship with Ms. Cheng. Happy happiness when I am falling in love.

However, there is no non-penetrating wall, an accidental opportunity to see the photo of Mr. Peng and Ms. Peng, an angry wife QSI, who is the other party? Mr. Peng also borrowed a divorce to his wife.

The wife suffered his husband: “You don’t understand this woman at all, she is in order to make money from you. This way, don’t worry, we will be divorced. For a while, everyone is calm. In case you are going to change it? “However, his wife’s true feelings did not wake up the conscience of Peng’s sleep. He only indulge in the freshness and stimulus of Ms. Ms. Chen, insisted on divorced with his wife. The wife saw his heart has decisive, and no longer persists, and Mr. Peng handed the divorce, and the two were about half of the family, and they were scattered since then.

Mr. Peng, who is divorced, with the 12-year-old son, and the lady who will be in the same situation. Cheng Cheng took care of Mr. Peng, and the son of Mr. Peng is as good as yours. Very vague, such a day makes Mr. Peng feel very happy.

The husband and wife are like playing mahjong, or it is good for the original.

It is a pity that the good scene is not long, and the two have been launched in a long time. Because Ms. Cheng is a teacher, it is usually used to it in a strong position. I always like to use the teacher’s tutor to talk about others. Every time two people have contradictory, they will put a big pile. Mr. Peng is also a person with a master, and therefore, each quarrel is not allowed to make each other, the more noisy.

Such days have been lasts for three years, and after three years, Mr. Peng gradually started to come back. At the beginning, he said that the other party is a perfect ideal marriage object, but now I have lived with each other for a few years, but I see where the other is, I’m a problem, it is not worthy of my ex-wife.

In fact, in the three years, Mr. Peng also often met his ex-wife. The ex-wife is a long-lasting person. She is waiting for the three years of hard work, that is, in order to have a one-day husband to be able to turn around, this waiter finally touched Mr. Peng. Until at this time, he remembered that his ex-wife had a good kind of yourself and regretted himself.


After returning, Mr. Peng made a breakup, but Ms. Cheng did not agree. She felt that she had paid so much for this feeling, even her work resigned, but Mr. Peng, but I wanted to use myself to send myself. If Mr. Peng must break up, then pay 500,000 compensation.

Mr. Peng, no matter what these, he directly licked all the luggage, and the woman said that she didn’t leave the police, saying that she was unknone, and her heart could only leave Mr. Peng. Family.


Mr. Peng’s exmontist worked hard for three years, it would change her husband to change. She promised her husband to retain him, but her husband must take care of the child and cherish this home.

There is an old saying, the husband and wife are like playing mahjong, or the original meringue is good. The most important thing to treat marriage is loyalty, responsible for the family is a man who should be a man who should be a husband and his father. Mr. Peng made a behavior of this betrayal family, even if his wife didn’t forgive him, he would not be very good. You can only say that Mr. Peng, who can encounter such a wife, is fortunate.

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