Angkewei cemetery can’t get off, it is estimated to be related to these reasons, the solution is recommended to understand


Vehicle Profile: Buick Ango 2017, picking up a car for 4 years, 79,000 kilometers, no major traffic accidents have occurred.


Description: After the door is closed, the roof light is overlink.

The roof light has been in a light state, there may be the following reasons: 1, the light latency is closed; 2, the roof light control switch is damaged; 3, the body control module fault.

Fault Cause 1: The lamp is delayed.


Vehicles with latency closing the lamp, after the door is closed, the headlights are extinguished after about 30 seconds, then the top lights and the remaining car inner lights gradually darkened to go out.

Solution 1: The roof light delay is closed to the vehicle default setting, the owner can manually turn off the roof light by point the car key lock button.

Cause 2: Damage of roof lamp control switch.

The roof light control switch fault will cause the roof lamp to be in a state of communication, and the owner cannot turn it off by the control switch. The maintenance technician removes the top light control switch, and uses the multimeter detection switch to short circuit.


Solution 2: Replace the roof light control switch. The vehicle is caused by non-artificial reasons, and the vehicle can be replaced by the 4S shop during the warranty period; the vehicle is exceeded, the replacement cost of the 4S shop is around 100-200 yuan, and the replacement fee of the repair shop is about 100 yuan.

Cause 3: The body control module fault.

When the driver opened the door, the body control module controls the top lamp to facilitate the driver to enter and leave the carriage. When the door is closed, the body control module controls the top close. The body control module fault will cause automatic shutdown after the top light is turned on. The maintenance technician uses the car dedicated detection computer to read the body control module data information, and determine whether it is faulty.

Solution 3: Replace the body control module. In the warranty period, the vehicle can replace the body control module for free in the 4S shop; the vehicle is exceeded, the replacement cost of the 4S shop is around 1500-2000 yuan, and the replacement cost of the repair shop is about 1500 yuan.

Summary: Through the fault analysis, the roof light is bright in the above case, which is due to the damage caused by the lamp control switch, and the processing method can be referred to in the solution 2. In addition, we recommend that the owner: After the lock, pay attention to check if the lamp is all closed to prevent the battery loss.