The new IX35 is listed, can I lead to modern counterattack?


On October 18, 2002, Beijing Modern Automobile Co., Ltd. was formally established. Sitting in Beijing, there are also modern cars in three vehicle plants, three engine plants and a technology center. With the “cheapest joint venture car”, the compact car Elantra, the intermediate car Sonata and SUV Shengda, IX35, etc., the red pole, from 2009 to 2014 almost situated sales head five The throne.


Nowadays, Beijing has already gone through 18 spring and autumn. 18 years old, for us, this is the age of entering the adolescent gate, and placing the feelings in the old time in the memory. For Beijing Hyundai, 18-year-old year is not good. In November, the accumulated sales volume was 444,000 units, and the year-on-year declined by 28.8%. He has become the most serious decline in 15 in front of this year’s sales list. But in the second half of the year, Sonata and Elantte have retained some trends in modern times. Beijing Hyundai also did not slow down the new car listing, and it was also available on December 12, and IX35.

The new car provides a four models of two power assemblies, starting at 129,800 yuan.

Although it is just a model, the new IX35 look is comparable. The design based on “Sensuous Sportiness” is even let us see it in the first time. The forward gas grill of the dot matrix structure is carried out with a larger area floor and fused with the LED headlights. The daytime driving light is arranged to the side air curtain, and the vertical LED belt gives the head full support, and the new IX35 identification has increased. This new design of the head also makes the IX35 that once slightly smoothed more exercise and fashion.

The side is what we are familiar with, and the aspects of the square, the A column, the C-column and the roof use a tough argument, and the design of the side window is also the same. The recesses below the front and rear wheel arch plates are taken below the compact SUV. At the same time, the wheelbrows and side wings plates use black plastics, so that this city SUV is quite off-road temperament. The matching hub has also been a new design, the shape of the blade design is quite a sense, but the diameter of 17 or 18 inches is a little smaller.

The tail of the new car is more refreshing. The straight lamp belt with black is run through the tail, and the two opposing triangular tales are filled with the “hyundai” in the middle. Yes, modern use letters highlight their own brands rather than our common H car standard. The reflective strip of the car is also used vertical design, which also takes the vertical LED daytime driving light of the front.

When we are sitting in the car, there is a new one, everything is new. Modern goals are also very clear, that is, a comprehensive replacement. Modern uses a 10.4-inch touch LCD screen sets all features including air conditioning, and this is also a full standard. Of course, this screen is not just the size of this simple. Just a sentence: “Hello, Beijing Hyundai.” You can wake up the speech recognition system. Voice recognition services are also wide, including air conditioning, windows, instrument panels, seats, SVM images, etc. At the same time, it will also conduct scene identities, such as “I am very cold”, air conditioning will open hot air.


At the bottom of the central control, the space for wireless charging is left under the screen. The design of the rear gear is not a matter, and the femoral shift lever can display the gear in the surface. At the bottom, the steering wheel movement is full, and it is a 7-inch LCD instrument. In terms of driving assistance, lanes, steep slopes, panoramic images are also available. The top-bearing model is also equipped with navigation-based adaptive cruise, which can automatically recognize the curve and decelerate.


Although it is a model, the size of the new car has changed. Modern gives a new IX35 longer hanging and late hanging. Plus 2640mm wheelbase, space performance is also more calm. The power assembly of the new car did not change, and the two powertments equipped were 1.4-liter turbocharged engines and 2.0 liter natural intake engines, respectively. The transmission of the two matches is different. The former is 7 speed double closing and the latter is 6AT. However, the fuel consumption performance of the two is very good. Under the circular conditions of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, IX35 equipped with two power assemblies have handed over 100 kilometers 6.1 liters and 100 kilometers 6.3 liters.


Finally, I first dialed our thoughts 10 years ago, the first generation of IX35 in order to replace the Tow, I met with us, with a smooth and dynamic model and enough affinity, it became one of the modern sales pillars of Beijing. . Today, the new IX35 has once again met with us with a dynamic image, and its opponent has also increased Haval H6, Changan CS75, FAW Volkswagen probe and other compact SUVs.