Women half price to buy wool coat, after the ball, the quality is problematic, the clerk: You don’t understand


The Spring Festival is a joyful festival, which means a year of harvest and the beginning of the new year. Many people think that there is a good starting point for a new year, and you will make changes, add some new clothes to yourself. The common phenomenon is to buy new clothes, through these new things, the new year’s joy.

Ms. Chen, Hangzhou, came to the shopping mall for some time. Because the new year, Ms. Chen wanted to pick up a dress and walked into a clothing store. The clerk greets himself to tell Ms. Chen, now buy clothes in the store, clothes, clothes You can enjoy a 50% discount, which makes Ms. Chen very heart.


Ms. Chen felt very cost-effective clerk, paying 999 yuan for the clerk. Ms. Ms. Chen likes this dress at first, but Ms. Chen discovered that there was a problem with this dress. The wool actually raised, and it is getting more serious.


Ms. Chen believes that the clothes have quality problems, just wearing a few days, this shop is so irresponsible, and the anger exposes this to the media, hoping to help themselves.

The reporter accompanied Ms. Chen found this store, the clerk said that this dress is not problematic, the wool is very normal, even more than 1,000 will appear, and the situation will be slight after processing. Ms. Ms. Chen insists that it is a problem of clothes and asks the clothing store to refund.


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