Winter chopples have to be these several, after the upper body, it can increase the three-dimensional weight loss


Hi, here is set,

A focus dress, exclusive, your beautiful fashionable people!

Winter chops is really unwilling, it is necessary to pay attention to it! First of all, we need to pay attention is that it and the upper body is either satisfied.





Second, we need to pay attention to its looseness and thickness, see if it can meet the problem of thin clothes, and finally, we need to pay attention to it and the fit to the end of the ankle.


At that, there will be all trousers to meet all the above requirements, select the choice, and only the following style, but also the little sisters who don’t know what pants wear in winter, hurry up, I have to wait for a year!

Nine points straight pants

It is the first trousers I recommend. The biggest feature of this version of trousers is the inclusiveness, the leg shape, and the single product or even the clothes, taste and beautiful.


I am afraid of the cold little sister, I can choose the nine-point straight pants of the wool. I want to succeed the little sister, I can choose the nine-point straight pants, and the clothes are low-profile, you can choose this most Hundreds of self-cultivation nine points straight pants.


Rolling nine points straight pants, not only

Increase level

, And can also apply it to the top, loose, slim, long, short, love wind, and art style.


In addition, I tell you a small secret. If you want the whole, you can choose the color of the nine-point straight pants and the color of the liner color, so, no matter whether you are indoor or outdoors, it is very beautiful. .


It is recommended that everyone chooses to mop the wide leg pants because it is really afraid of the gospel of the cold star, in most cases, wear it out, you can take the trousers, tight and add up leggings, really If you don’t get the bottom, you can also choose a tight jeans.

Two pants are stacked, and they can still use it with a thrustful fabric and the land-oriented style of extended legs.

Warm and thin


If you feel that the shackles are too loose, you can choose this blogger.

Tight beam sweatpants

, Put it, can inherit 80% of the advantages of mopping trousers.

The other 20% is to let everyone lightning, the short-legged little sister is trying to do so much, because the down jacket of the ass to cover the butt, only the legs of the legs can only be the thigh to the calf, which will make the height of this unfortunate more precarious .



It is necessary to prepare a jeans in winter, wearing it on top, basically able to close your eyes, when choosing, you can choose a tight bottoming shirt, you can choose a silhouette, when choosing a down jacket, you can choose Long down jackets can also choose short down jackets.

It should be, it is true that it is true that it will be closed.

In addition, in the tight jeans, when choosing the shoes with it, it is also very delicious, in order to cover an ankle, a variety of high-band long boots, tight and ankle boots, Martin boots, or even snow cotton can be matched.

But if you want to choose the other three trousers above, you need more than a few pairs of high stockings, print, solid color, knitted texture, sports horizontal stripes, you can do it.

If you look at what kind of trousers, you can choose to fit what kind of pants, you can choose the long dress with the down jacket and coat ~ If you have no experience, you can take these standards, the upper body effect will never Let you pay.

First, you can choose a dress color according to the down jacket.


The most secure and simple,


The most layered!

Second, you can choose according to the length of the down jacket




I want a small sister who wants a level, I can choose the skirt length to exceed the style of the down jacket. Three centimeters. I want the integrity and more simple and unified little sister. You can choose a short and long down jacket / coat.

Third, choose several times in advance, suitable for the ball


, The basic color, the tight, the upper body effect can be used to take out the leg-type bone sensation, and it can reverse the light and fluffy, cute and unrestrained temperament.

I am taking, if you have confusion, you can privately believe me, you also welcome a message to discuss! Follow the study, we will become better and more beautiful together!

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Nine points straight pants